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Copywriting System

This is how I feel when it comes to writing sales copy!

In this article I want to briefly cover the chunk copy copywriting strategy – a strategy that I learned by listening to ‘The Kaizen Copywriting System’ videos.

This is a summary of the notes that I made.

This system appeals to me for the following reasons – it relies on a policy of:

  • no hype
  • no long-form copy
  • no testimonials

The system advocates ‘chunk’ copy – in other words ‘pithify’ your offer into the most essential elements.

You need to ask yourself ‘how can I explain this in as few words as possible and still convey the benefits?’ i.e. what’s in it for my customer.

Never assume that either you are known to your customer or that they ‘get’ your product or service – think in terms of explaining it to a beginner.

Your business is to solve someone’s problem.  Never forget that.

This means that you employ an ‘issue & tissue’ strategy where you introduce a problem (issue) and then offer a solution (tissue).  You need to explain the problem better than they could and then offer lots of ’tissues’.

In your sales copy, you need to hit them with your best stuff ‘above the fold’ of the page i.e. in the top 600 pixels of the page because you lose 50% of your visitors when they have to go below the fold.

After you have written out your copy, you need to read it out aloud to make sure that it flows easily.  Copywriting is about editing – print it off, read it out loud, mark your edits and repeat this process until you are satisfied.  If you get stuck, take a break and come back to it.

Writing Sales Copy

When writing your sales copy, write down a list of 15 things that your product or service does and then write a few sentences about ‘what’s in it for me’

  • This is what it does. For you that means…
  • This is what it does. You don’t need to…
  • This is what it does. Imagine…
  • This is what it does.  Because of that…

Arrange your 15 items in a logical sequence and then format your sales letter in one of two ways:

Sales Letter Format #1:




Copy (& Image)


(Image &) Copy


Copy (& Image)

…and so on down the page

Offer Summary


Order Button (Click Here To Place Your Order)

Sales Letter Format #2:




Copy Box   Copy Box   Copy Box


Copy Box   Copy Box   Copy Box


Copy Box   Copy Box   Copy Box

…and so on down the page

Offer Summary


Order Button (Click Here To Place Your Order)

Writing Video Copy

Always write a script for your video first.  160 words = one minute of video.

Videos are great for demonstrating ‘before and after’ scenarios and for demonstrations of your product.

Here are 4 potential video script formats:


Video Script Format #1:

Just the facts

i.e. to the point – what it does with no hype or sales pitch – the text underthe video explains ‘what’s in it for me’

This is the fastest script to create and deliver.

Video Script #2:

The Classic Video

State a problem (better than they can themselves)

Introduce the promise of a solution.

Introduce your ‘chunks’ of copy that say what it does and what this does for me.

Call to action at end telling them what to do next.  (To find out how, see below this video.)

Video Script #3

What about Bob?

If you cannot come up with a compelling script, introduce a fictional character showing his life before and after using your product or service.

Introduce the character.

Show problems that cause suffering in his life.

How the solution (your product) has made him happy and successful

Call to Action.

Video Script #4

The Curiosity Script

Use a Powerpoint presentation to create curiosity to cause people to take action to learn more.

Writing Email Copy

Use plain text emails.

Never sell blatantly in your emails.

The only purpose of your email is to get your reader from Point A to Point B i.e. to click on the link in your email to find out more.

So don’t give everything away – this is teaser copy that evokes curiosity.

Your subject line, to get them to open and read your email copy, is very important.  Ask yourself whether you would open your email based on the subject line.

Example subject lines:

  • Horror story
  • How to…
  • A question – Are these bugs or fruit?
  • I don’t (blank) and why you shouldn’t either.
  • It all ends today…
  • You’re wearing invisible underwear.
  • I can’t believe they are doing this to you.

Here are four formats for your emails:

Email copy type #1:

The Kaizen Classic

This is short copy that evokes curiosity, explains what’s in it for them and offers tissues for issues.

It is short and to the point.


Email copy type #2:


State a general problem that the market faces and it’s cause.

Educate on common solutions and their pro’s and cons.

At the end, offer an easier or better solution (- your product)

Call to Action


Email copy type #3

The Acid Test

Pick a product that’s attracting attention in the market and subject it to an ‘acid test’.

Compare it to alternatives.

Subject line: ‘If you only knew the truth about this!’


Email copy type #4:

The Story Email

Your whole life is a story – use it to create compelling story copy.

Most conversations are stories – use dialogue in these types of emails.

There’s what happened and your story of what happened.

Stories are powerful in your copy – use them.


This is just an outline of what I learned in the Kaizen Copywriting System training.  This training comes in the form of a lot of short (chunk!) videos that clearly sets out the system which makes it easy to understand and consume.

This copywriting strategy of chunking your copy to fit with readers attention span on the internet makes a lot of sense to me unless you are a top copywriter.

I have used this system to create my latest sales letter at so you can see it in action.

As most of us do not fall into the category of ‘expert copy-writer’, use this ‘chunk copy strategy outlined by this system to at least get your offer across quickly and succinctly rather than boring the pants off your readers with a long-form sales letter that is full of hype.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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  1. I find it funny that he says “long copy doesn’t work” and then the chunk system has all the parts of a traditional long form sales letter.

    The truth is, BORING copy doesn’t work.

    The more you tell, the more you sell still applies — human psychology hasn’t changed even if people’s attention span has diminished.

    Just means your copy has to be more compelling.

    1. Agreed Dave (although ‘boring’ can be subjective). I usually skim read sales letters and only decide to read more if I think it’s something I might want to buy – nowadays that is a rare event!

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