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In this article I will give some tips and tools for achieving aesthetic design using colour and font combinations.

It is often said that you need an artists 'eye for design' and to some extent it's true but not having a so-called 'eye for design' cannot be an excuse for poor design.

In his book 'The Brutal Truth', John Reese says that poor design is no longer acceptable - he has proven with data that the days of ugly websites making money is numbered​.  

Quite simply, it pays to have great design.

There really is no excuse for having a​ poorly designed website or a poorly designed anything for that matter.  You can purchase templates and design scripts for just a few dollars.

For example, the best selling WordPress theme on sells for just $60​.  These themes also come with demo sites that you can download at the push of a button - simply input your own content and you have a cutting edge design for your website for next to nothing and very little effort.

As far as graphics are concerned, superb stock graphics are available for free or just a few dollars from many websites.  

If you own Photoshop, then using Photoshop Actions is a great way to create unique and beautiful images.  This is a skill that I teach in Easy Actions and I also reveal my best sources of free graphics in this product.​

Font Combinations​

If you Google 'font combinations, you will find quite a few posts with suggestions for font combinations.  Here are just a few suggested font combinations:

My suggestion is that you run with just two fonts on your website and that you seek to identify and use a font combination for your brand i.e. that you use your chosen fonts throughout your marketing content.  This makes the initial decision an important one, so take your time about this.

Also, make sure that your chosen fonts are easy to read.  Some of the handwritten or script fonts are lovely but tiring to read if there is a lot of text on a screen.

Also, try to choose a font that is fairly common so that it will resolve properly on most computers.​

Here are some rules that I discovered for pairing fonts together:​

  • Combine an all-caps font with a script font
  • pair skinny and chunky fonts together
  • pair lower-case with capitals of one font
  • pair fonts of different but similar styles
  • pair wide and narrow fonts
  • pair tall and short fonts

Colour Combinations

There are a lot of sites that give help and advice on colour combinations and colour palettes - just Google these keywords and you will find these sites.

Here are just a few to conjure with:​

Alternatively, find a website design that you really like and simply copy the colours by using a colour picker tool like Get Color or a colour-picker extension on your browser.

Choosing a great combination of colours is not rocket science but, again, take your time choosing if you are choosing colours that will represent your brand​.  You may want to research a little bit about the psychology of colour before you make your choice.  These two sites will get you started:


I generally favour the colour 'blue' for my websites which has the following meaning according to one of the sites above:​

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.​


In this article, I have given you lesson 101 on aesthetic design which includes getting the right mix of both colour and font combinations and using these together with a great website design template and great graphics.  If you would like more information aesthetic design and creating great graphics, it can be found at


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