My Mission

My name is Mark Salmon.

My site is specifically for those people, like myself, who are perhaps in their forties, fifties or sixties that want to create an online income by working from home and that will also supplement their retirement income, as appropriate.

I want to show how to earn an income without:

  • too much capital or assets being put at risk
  • that is semi-automated i.e. so that we are not a slave to our computer!
  • that does not require a lot of overhead like staffing or stock-holding and can be operated simply with a computer, broadband connection and a few basic tools like WordPress, hosting and an auto-responder.
  • that is not heavily dependent on the whims of Google, Facebook, Amazon or any of the major platforms that could wipe out our income overnight.
  • all the misinformation and bullshit that is so prevalent on the internet i.e. that I reveal exactly what I am doing to earn an income and the results of my actions.
  • too much complexity (or at least, if it is complex, to demystify these processes!)

Specifically my goal is to build a highly responsive list of loyal followers and to help these fans to create a life of freedom and independence by making money online through proven SYSTEMS that are replicable and repeatable.

Based on my own extensive business and consulting experience, I am steadily creating a comprehensive suite of high-quality online training products that cover the strategies, skills, tools and processes needed to help other people to create and grow an online business that solves other people’s problems (or otherwise improves the lives other people.)

This is an old picture of me dressed in my suite and tie. I’m glad to say, as a consultant and internet marketer, who has worked from home for at least the last 15 years, I very rarely wear a suit and tie nowadays! (In fact it wouldn’t matter much if I were naked!)

How I Became An Ex-Banker

After 25 years in corporate banking I resigned voluntarily in 2001. The banking culture was changing and I just didn’t fit in. I felt very uncomfortable about the growing sales-culture and my gut feeling told me that it would all end badly for the banks, as it did in 2008. So, after 25 years, I took the scary decision to abandon my highly-paid career job and to do what my customers had all done i.e. start my own business.

Then A Business Consultant

I felt that in my banking role I had been comprehensively trained as a business advisor so I thought a logical progression would be to start a business consultancy. I undertook training with a global consulting business at a cost of some £15,000. (All the training was delivered at live events at great expense!)

My first marketing tactic was to invite a load of my former customers to a live presentation and, somewhat to my surprise, I landed my first consulting contracts – one was for £30,000! (It’s incredible for me to think back and compare what I know now to what I knew then – I think I am 10 x more qualified to help a business now than I was then.)

There followed a ‘choppy’ few years in which I undertook a variety of consulting assignments including examples such as:

  • A forensic accounting job for the police on a fraud case
  • A management information system for a business with 40 profit/loss centres – I engineered an incredible turnaround in financial performance once the true position was laid bare
  • Part-time chief exec of a £6m not-for-profit organisation with 240 staff
  • Consulting with a family printing and stationery business to improve it’s financial performance

My income was ‘choppy’, because I did not put adequate time or resources to marketing for the next job because I was so focused on delivering for my current customer!

My Foray Into Manufacturing

I then purchased a manufacturing business out of liquidation and sold it 12 months later for 10 times my initial capital investment to a PLC. (But I subsequently made the mistake of negotiating a supply contract that went badly wrong, so I had to close the follow-on sales and fitting business down.)

I Buy A Franchise

Finding myself at a loose end, I then purchased a bookkeeping franchise but soon realised that this type of work was not what I really wanted to do, even though I was pretty good with numbers. (To this day I have a handful of residual bookkeeping clients!)

My Brief Brush With Network Marketing

As a result of being a member of BNI, in a weak moment (- I liked the lady recruiter!-), I was recruited to a network marketing opportunity – this had two benefits:

  • I bought some shares in the company and made a killing on them when I sold them some time later for a nice profit.
  • I became interested in internet marketing as a way of generating leads and undertook online training with Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler, who specialised in training network marketers.

I Finally Find My True Love – Internet Marketing

Whilst my interest in network marketing quickly waned, my interest in internet marketing certainly didn’t.

I find it intellectually and technically challenging and I have grown to really love it. Also, a computer connected to the internet is the ultimate means for self-expression, through writing, audios and video, and I never envisioned that I could leverage the technology until relatively recently. The whole notion of creating digital works of art is extremely beguiling to me, coupled with the technical challenge of mastering new software and applications.

Should I Become A Consultant to Offline Businesses?

Initially, I thought that providing internet marketing services to offline businesses would be the route I would take, given my previous offline consulting experience.

I created my first client website for an architect. His website and Google maps listing have subsequently stuck solidly at #1 on Google for the last 7 years! However, as I was still learning about internet marketing, I soon felt that client work was reducing the time available to really learn and immerse myself in the skills of internet marketing.

I Commit To The Info-Marketing Model

I therefore took a conscious decision NOT to actively pursue more offline clients but immerse myself more deeply in the art and science of information marketing, using my accumulated savings to finance my training and acquisition of the necessary skills.

My passion – to help other people to acquire freedom, through leaving their job and becoming self-employed – has never left me. This is the one true thread that has run through my whole business career, including banking.

All my digital information products are based around this passion – to help others to find freedom by starting an online business – because I believe that the opportunities online are almost limitless as we can now easily transcend local markets. (This means that we now face global competition, so it is important to focus on a small niche initially, rather than attempt to be all things to all men.)

One of the key business models that I picked up during my consulting programme was that all business could be analysed with this business model:

BCM Rocket

I Develop ‘Business Creation Mastery’

I am currently designing a coaching programme called ‘Business Creation Mastery’ (built around this model) to help others to start an online business. This coaching programme complements all the other products I have created to date.

I have found that most information products are really just a small piece of the overall puzzle and under-estimate the skills truly needed to create a sustainable online business. And the more products you buy, the more you will become confused.

There is a 97% failure rate in internet marketing due to the slightly disingenuous way in which marketers sell their products. They make it sound ‘push-button’ easy in order to make the sale, even though they themselves have taken literally years to acquire their own skills in most instances. Sadly, many of them over-state their successes and track-record.

The Myth Of ‘The Easy Button’

By the way, if you are looking for the easy button, let me save you a lot of heartache and time – there isn’t one. Believe me, I’ve looked very hard for it!

The reality is that I work extremely hard to get to where I am today in internet marketing. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and many poor decisions to reach my current understanding of how this all works. It annoys me when many of my friends and family assume that I am retired – the truth is that I am working harder than I have ever done before, driven by my passion and desire to succeed in internet marketing.

In my coaching programme, I aim to bring much-needed clarity and a step-by-step process for building an online business in any niche, including access to tools and training to acquire the skills needed (or that need to be outsourced).

It is a large project that has literally involved years of work, as I have sifted through product after product and strategy after strategy, in order to get at the basic truths of internet marketing. I have once again invested hugely in my own education to the point where I can now deliver the results to you (at a fraction of the cost I have paid) if you are at all interested in building a sustainable online business.

I must warn you that it is by no means easy to build such a business as, whilst the basic model is simple, a great variety of skills are required (or need to be acquired).

I believe that if you take the time to acquire the necessary skills then, like me, you will be ‘repaid in spades’ in the months and years to come because the internet is growing almost exponentially as more and more people and businesses across the world switch on to the benefits and opportunities.

So, with that said, I hope you enjoy my blog and consider purchasing one or more of my products(or even my coaching programme) to find out how I can improve your life through my own experiences and training – I genuinely think I can short-cut your learning curve by years if you are relatively new to internet marketing. My goal is to build a 6 or 7-figure business in the info-marketing niche within the next year or so – why not join me for the ride?

These are some of the people and places in my life that I love and that motivate me to succeed… and as you can see, I do not measure my wealth in money alone!

My Granddaughter


My Son and his girlfriend

My Daughter & Her Children


My Grandson

Our Dog

Places Within 5 Minutes Walk Of Where I Live

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