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Improving The Life Of My CustomersI have been looking for a new way to improve the life of my customers because I pretty much became disillusioned with the value I was offering my clients in the highly competitive niche of internet marketing.  I needed to find a new way of progressing my business and in order to do that I have taken a long sabbatical.

I needed to rediscover my passion for my business because I felt that it was not nurturing my spirit and, that being the case, it was difficult to convey my passion to my customers and therefore difficult to engage properly with them.

In a sense, I needed to step back from the coal face, look at what I was doing and then move forward more intelligently.

During that sabbatical, I have been steadily honing my skills with Photoshop simply because I love the creative process of creating unique and beautiful images.  I wasn’t ever sure how I could use this skill but it is now coming into clearer focus.

At the same time, I have continued reading and watching a lot of marketing tutorials to give background to my research.

I really want to build my business around graphics, in the following ways:

  • building stunningly beautiful and unique websites.
  • providing bespoke image restyling services to other people
  • selling pre-made images

I will be using images, and tutorials on how I create my images, as the model for driving traffic to my squeeze pages and offer pages and I have a membership site almost finished for the purpose of providing outstanding value to my clients.

I am fortunate in the fact that my current income covers my monthly expenses, so income from this new venture will just be the cream on top.

I am following Sean Mizes Membership Blueprint to build this business to $5,000 per month by 31.March.2016.

Here is the outline of the blueprint that I will be following:

The primary goal is to change lives both financially and spiritually.

A = 500 new subscribers per month (- need 1,500 targeted visitors to squeeze page each month) 33% conversion

B = 50 sales x $10 = $500 (- sold in email campaign to new subscribers.) 10% conversion

C = 60 members x $37 per month = $2,000 (- need a membership site with lessons.) 12% conversion

D = 20 sales x $37-$97 = $740 – $2,000 (- need a new training each month with 4 hours of training.) 4% conversion

E = 10 coaching clients x $100 = $1,000 (- need a coaching programme.) 2% conversion Plus: Give amazing training to 100% of your list via email (- write 3 to 5 emails to list each week.)

Ideal Daily Activities:

80% of time is driving traffic to my squeeze page

Write a simple daily schedule (-use Action Enforcer?)

Record audio/video for 30 minutes Write daily email – 15 minutes

Create 3 images or articles and post on my blog and social media – 45 minutes

Record 2 YouTube videos – 30 minutes

Add lesson to membership site – 15 minutes

Then some days:

Write sales letters for weekly or monthly product release – 1 hour, or

Write launch emails for new product – 1 hour Any spare time:

Drive traffic using content – 2 hours

Today I created and ordered a book of some watercolour images I have created and next week I am talking to my daughter who is interested in helping me to build this business.

spititually uplifing

Thumbs up for my new venture

I feel that I am well on the way to finding increased satisfaction in my business by doing work I love and, at the same time, giving more value to my customers.  Whether this new venture succeeds financially or not, I will be enjoying the creative process whilst helping others.

Hopefully, I will be able to connect through the heart rather than the head to make this spiritually uplifting!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my granddaughter acting in front of grand-dads camera!



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