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Selling Digital Prints

Restyle photos into watercolours, oil paintings and more

I have decided to start selling digital prints on Etsy because I enjoy creating graphics and I have started to get quite good at it.

My new income stream will involve not only selling pre-made graphics but also selling custom-made graphics.  This means that my customers can send me a digital photo file and I will restyle it​ using Photoshop as a:

  • watercolour
  • sketch
  • oil painting
  • engraving
  • poster art
  • and many other styles

Potential categories of photos could include:

  • babies
  • children or grandchildren
  • family 
  • boyfriend/girlfriend
  • pets - particularly dogs and cats
  • weddings
  • birthdays and other special occasions
  • holidays

Potential cross-selling opportunities include:

  • get customers onto a list and cross-sell other styles or occasions
  • offer a mounting or framing service or personalised gift offers by reselling services from a site like Photobox or Digital Print Design.
  • offer this a premium service to professional photographers
  • offer discounts or time-limited coupons for repeat sales or bundle offers
  • offer graphics for websites
  • offer colour or style variations to graphics

Generating traffic to my shop on Etsy

Here are some ways that I could generate traffic to my shop on Etsy:

  • re-listing items on Etsy brings them to the top of the category - (20 cents per listing)
  • using SEO techniques on Etsy by inputting keywords and tags
  • creating a 'Treasury' on Etsy
  • having a lot of listings and cross-selling other listings
  • doing promoted listings on Etsy
  • using paid ads on Bing - 5 cents per click
  • using paid ads on Buzz City - 1 cent per click
  • using Pinterest by putting my output on this social media site and linking to my Etsy shop (- free)
  • videos on YouTube showing the graphics being made(- free)
  • sending emails to my list. (I will create the list by having draft images on a secure area of my website so clients have to register to see their draft image.)
  • using other social media sites like Facebook (- free)

The important thing is to try one traffic method at a time and track conversion rates and profitability

Other marketing notes:

  • get testimonials from customers to add into my marketing
  • use differentiated pricing to test price-points - pricing partly based on time to complete each job and complexity of creation.
  • Offer 'specials' to existing customers on my list and incentives for re-ordering
  • I live in a tourist town - I could hand out leaflets to stylise their holiday photos.  (1,000 leaflets cost £15 at Vistaprint).  I would offer a coupon code to track traffic from this source.
  • use mock-up images to show how graphics could look as a mounted picture, leaflet, book cover design, poster etc
  • I could also offer a graphics creation service on the Warrior Forum in the Warriors for Hire section.

The costs of listing each item on Etsy is 20 cents for 4 months - to list 100 items for a full year is $60 and they take 3.5% of each sale.  In accordance with EU laws, they also add VAT to the price and settle VAT on the vendors behalf.  They also deduct 3.5% of each sale as a transaction charge.

This article is a brief outline of my business plan for selling digital prints on Etsy.​

Selling Digital Prints

This is a before and after mockup

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