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‘Playing the ball where it lies’ is a golfing term and the story told in this video extract struck a chord with me, particularly as I used to play golf.

Listen in for 4 minutes to the video below because I think that resistance to ‘playing the ball where it lies’ both in business and our personal lives is the cause of a lot of stress…

The lesson here is that, whilst we can control SOME things in our lives, there are plenty of things that we cannot control and we can easily stray away from what was planned due to factors that are simply beyond our control.

How we respond to this is critical. Most of us will ‘resist’ the situation in our minds and this is the cause of much of our stress.

So its not what happens that is necessarily important, because things will happen that we cannot control, but how we respond to the situation that is important i.e. our willingness to accept the situation and to play the ball from where it lies.

The rest of this video is worth listening to. She goes on to quote Victor Frankel who survived the Nazi death camps in World War 2. He said:

‘Between the stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is your power and your freedom.’

If you are suffering stress in your business or your personal life, you may need  the help of a spiritual teacher to help you to cope with the situation.  The best person in my opinion is Eckhart Tolle – look him up on YouTube or buy his book ‘The Power of Now’.

It is possible to end stress, and the mental pain associated with it, by ‘playing the ball where it lies’ and thereby accepting the situation ‘as it is’ rather than resisting what we cannot control!


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