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How To Target Long Tail Keywords

how to target long tail keywords

This is a brief article about how to target long tail keywords when doing keyword research for seo purposes. Long tail keywords are a good option for getting good search engine rankings for your content because the competition for keywords is very intense. However, always bear in mind that the most important strategy for ranking […]

Continue Reading – Backlink Attribution has a free product entitled ‘Copy & Paste’ that is effectively a little snippet of Javascript that you add before the header tag on your website (-if you are not sure how to do that Tynt show you how-) and if anyone then copies and pastes your content then it will automatically add a […]

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3 Excellent SEO Tips

Here are 3 excellent SEO tips that you may wish to adopt for your websites in order to generate more search engine traffic. 1 Keyword Research & Site Structure Prior to setting up your website do some keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner to ensure that the keywords that you are optimising for have […]

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