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how to target long tail keywordsThis is a brief article about how to target long tail keywords when doing keyword research for seo purposes.

Long tail keywords are a good option for getting good search engine rankings for your content because the competition for keywords is very intense.

However, always bear in mind that the most important strategy for ranking your content is to ensure that it is of high quality i.e. that it is well-researched, well written and the on page seo gives the search engines a good steer on how to index your content by using on-page SEO strategies such as:

  • having the keyword in the title, first and last sentences and used in headings and scattered naturally through your article together with relevant LSI (related) keywords.
  • that images and video titles etc are titled or tagged with your keyword
  • that you link to other relevant content both on and off your blog as appropriate to maximise the value of your content to the reader.

So how do you target long tail keywords?

Well here are 3 suggestions – the first two are completely free to use and the third is a paid tool that takes your research to the next level:

In the video below, I demonstrate each of these methods to show you exactly how to target long tail keywords for your website using these tools:


Early Ranking Results – Proof That Targeting Long Tail Keywords Works…

Let the rankings settle down and I expect these rankings to improve over the next few days.

Page 1 of YT in 31 minuts
no 2 on YT after 4 hours.Page 2 of Google in 29 minutes


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