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Marketing and branding is enhanced by design skills, so I have been quietly developing my Photoshop skills – particularly using Photoshop Actions to create engaging graphics.

Creating graphics is a very desirable skill in website design and it can be expensive and frustrating to outsource.

My coach advocates that we should outsource of graphics because we need to focus on marketing but in so doing you also lose control of your brand to some extent because it is created by someone else.

To build my skills, I have therefore taken shots with my small digital camera and turned them into works of art.  Judging from these pictures, I should probably go into photography because I love it.  These are some of my personal favourites.

I hope you enjoy these images of my grandchildren (who are the real blessings in my life, together with the rest of my family!) and local scenes.  As you can see, I have a little bit of the artist in me. (The dog picture on my home page, is Poppy, my constant companion and disciple!)

These have nothing to do with marketing but everything to do with developing my graphical skills to enhance my web pages and marketing collateral.

Internet marketing has given me a somewhat eclectic mix of skills and I don’t really know what the bigger picture is.  I am just trusting that they will all come together for some greater purpose that I am not yet aware of!

If you click on each image, you should see an enlarged version in your browser.

Daniel Daniel-playing-with-trains-July-2014 Daniel-sandy daniel-swim-art Danny-&-bookv1 Holy-trinity-v1 Iggle-piggle,-Willows-Farm-146-Modern-art Oct2010-Jessica-016-watercolour-web Steaming-on-the-Avon


James-&-Jesse-Watercolour Lolly-time





SpicyStock-Model02-0277-Watercolour SpicyStock-Model08-0033Watercolour SpicyStock-Model15-0290-watercolour SpicyStock-Model16-0240Watercolour


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