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I’m pitching to a business, CCL Group, which runs a digital forensics course here in Stratford-upon-Avon.

I had the crazy idea that rather than telling them that I knew a little bit about SEO and video marketing, why don’t I just make a 2 minute video and rank it.  So this is just a test and not requested by the client.

Note how the red splash image stands out on the page – nice strategy!!

These rankings were achieved without any backlinks.  If I had to bid for the keyword ‘digital forensics course’ in Google Adwords, the suggested bid is £6.17 per click and competition is ‘High’.

Here is the video and below it you will see that I was ranking on page one of YouTube for the keyword ‘digital forensics course’ within 1 minute of upload and multiple other related keywords:

(The settings on this video on YouTube have been switched to ‘Private’ so you cannot check it out on YouTube at the moment)

CCL - Digital Forensics Course Ranking

CCL - digital forensics course online


CCL - digital forensics training course


CCL digital forensics course syllabus


CCL - digital forensics syllabus


This is the video script that I prepared prior to preparing the video:

Digital forensics course

digital forensics course online
digital forensics training courses
digital forensics syllabus
computer forensics classes

The cost of cyber-crime to the UK is around £27 billion, over a third
of the cost is a result of intellectual property theft.*

Is your business vulnerable to cyber-crime?

IP and data theft are just some of the reasons your company may need a
forensic response. Other issues include:
– computer misuse,
– harassment and bullying,
– internal sabotage,
– breach of policies and
– employee productivity.
Product Description

When one of these activities affects your company, you need to know
what can be done as part of the investigation, and the correct
procedures to follow.

CCL Group can help; we are the UK’s largest digital forensic provider and
have completed over 55,000 digital forensic cases. Our experience
means that, whether you’re dealing with a formal disciplinary,
investigation or tribunal, we can show you the correct processes to
follow, that will get the evidence you require and ensure that your
evidence will withstand legal scrutiny.

CCL’s First Response training course covers what key personnel need to
know – how digital forensics can help you, what it can be used for, and
the steps to follow.

What is digital forensics?
Why I might need a forensic response?
Where data can be retrieved from
Case studies and examples
Forensic requirement warning signs and how to respond
Handling digital evidence
Forensic readiness
Technology in business
Minimising impact and disruption

When, where and how to book?

To find out our next available dates please contact us on 01789 261200.
For more information or to book online, please click below to book or




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