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I was listening to to a live video presentation by Sean Mize yesterday and the truth about traffic i.e. getting clicks to your content and landing pages, was revealed during the 2 hour plus talk.

Sean Mize seems to have had two principle traffic sources:

  • Ezine Articles, where is was the leading article submitter, having submitted thousands of articles
  • Warrior Special Offers, where he became adept at creating numerous offers based on his one hour audio format

Sean is now getting into YouTube videos as a traffic source.  The presentation yesterday was his first foray into live YouTube videos and he had over 50 people listening in.

If live video interests you as a traffic source then you may also want to investigate Google Hangouts as Google gives good SEO ranking to Hangouts.

What became clear from the presentation is that Sean places an intense focus on one traffic source at a time.  This enables him to master the traffic source and eventually dominate it within his niche simply because he is more hard-working and prolific than anyone else.

From his previous forays into Ezine Articles and WSO’s, he observed that a tiny percentage (say 3%) of his output was driving most of his traffic.

Once he identified where most of his traffic was coming from, he stopped creating content for the 97% and focused on scaling the 3% of topics, keywords etc that were producing the results.

Unfortunately there is no way around the hard work of identifying the 3% that will work in your niche.  You must be focused and dedicated.

There are 3 keys to identifying this 3%:

  • tracking results using tracking links
  • grouping topics or keywords together initially, finding which ‘groups’ are working before then finding the gold within each group.  (The analogy is panning for gold – most of your output is dross, with just a little gold dust sprinkled in!  You job is to identify and extract the gold dust that converts to buyers from the torrent of traffic available.)
  • consistency i.e. systematically working over time to find out what works and, more often, what doesn’t work.

So the truth about traffic is that that hard work is unavoidable i.e. there is no easy button.  You will need to test 100 to find the 3 or 4 that work for you.  This means that most of your time and money will be wasted in order to find that sweet spot.  You then need to scale the sweet spot and drop the rest in order to make a return on your work.

This truth is the same for affiliate traffic – out of 100 affiliates, you will find that 2 or 3 affiliates will account for the majority of your sales.

If you didn’t know this truth, it would be easy to get discouraged, and even give up, before you found ‘the gold at the bottom of the pan’.  

Now that you know the truth about traffic, you need to get focused and work all-out to discover what will work for you.




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