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Internet Marketing ToolsIf you are starting out in internet marketing, you may be asking ‘what tools do I need to get to $5k per month’.

The problem with this question is that just about every marketer will give you a different reply to this question, particularly if they are trying to make money out of you by selling their own product or even someone else’s product or service.

It was refreshing therefore to receive an email from Sean Mize that sets this out clearly and simply (and truthfully)!

It’s sad, really.

And it’s not their fault.

One guru after another has told them, you need this $20 a month tool.

Another says you need this $40 a month tool.

All the way until they are spending $300 A MONTH on tools . . . .

And not making $100 a month, if that.

I talk to several folks a week in that boat.

It’s not their fault.

They’ve been told they need them.

Want to know the tools I personally used to get to $13k a month in one year?

Here goes.

Prepare to be disappointed.

1) a squeeze page

2) a way to make sales pages

3) an email autoresponder

4) good old word docs

That’s it.

$13k a month.

No bells.

No whistles.

That’s right.

ALL you need to get to $5k – or $13k a month


  • a way to make squeeze pages
  • a way to make sales pages
  • a way to make download pages (to deliver)
  • and an email autoresponder
  • a word processor

And here’s a secret – you don’t even need a website to have squeeze pages and salespages and download pages.

Just some service that allows you to create them.

You could use mine . . preneurpages

or any other one that does the same thing

and you need an email autoresponder . . I started with aweber and still have my account

That’s it folks.

If you have $300 in tools and no revenue . . .

please, something’s wrong.

How would it feel if you only had $20 a month in expenses . . .

would that make it easier for you (and your wife) to relax

and just focus on selling something

instead of worrying about how to make $300 a month in payments one more time?

Do something!

In this email Sean is promoting his page builder ‘Preneurpages’ but there are plenty of page builders that you can use.  Here are 5 other page builders you might consider (- I own all but the last one listed):

  • Thrive Content Builder plugin by Shaun Melaugh – this is my favourite from a design perspective and is constantly being improved
  • WP Profit Builder by Keith Dougherty – some good page templates within this plugin
  • Convertri – this is a hosted service – provides a very fast loading platform for landing pages and an infinitely customizable page builder.  There are only a limited amount of page templates unless you buy a monthly subscription to their Pro service but if you are happy to design your own pages, is a good option.
  • For a cheap but good page builder, you could try Instabuider 2.0 that you can have installed on your WordPress site for $5 through
  • is another page builder that has just been launched as I write this article.

These page builders are a great way of developing landing page templates as part of your system for selling and promoting products and services.  They are useless unless you have something to promote, a method of driving traffic to them and a method for monitoring your results.

However, in answering the question ‘What tools do I need to get to $5k per month’ Sean is exactly right and, if you do not already have a page builder system, his page template system ‘PreneurPages’ is worthy of consideration as he will be sharing his own sales page templates that are proven to work.



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