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This post is about Carl Picot and Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind, which is the product that he launched recently.  The reason I am covering this is that I helped Carl to set up his product.

Carl approached me to set up his membership site – both the theme and the the membership software were causing him problems so I worked with him to set up his product, ready for launch.

Prior to launching the product, he attended a marketing workshop in Manchester and said that ideally he wanted to distribute some leaflets advertising his launch at the event but he couldn’t do this because his printer had broken down.  This was a week before the event took place!

I therefore advised him to outsource the job and gave him a link.  He received his leaflets just before setting off for the event and distributed them at the event.

As it turned out, his product launch was a huge success with well over 600 front-end sales driven mainly by affiliates jumping on board.

Three factors are interesting about this:

  • Carl is very dis-organised and it is a miracle that he launched at all.  He was still changing the sales letter at the point of launch and his computer filing system is non-existent.  This was only his second launch.
  • He leveraged the skills of others by interviewing them – this method of product creation is somewhat old-hat but Carl proved that it can still work spectacularly well.
  • Carl has been to the point of bankruptcy in the recent past but kept moving forward to his goal despite all his difficulties and leveraged his online relationships to achieve eventual success.

Here is a snapshot of his site:

Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind


Here is an unsolicited testimonial from Carl:


I find Carl Picot’s story and his success with Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind very inspiring and I am proud of the fact that I was able to help him before he achieved his success.

You may be interested in viewing this interview with Carl in which we discuss his journey to creating the Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind product – I think you will find it very interesting and inspiring with some great learning points:

For more information about Millionaire Copywriting Mastermind – Click Here


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