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This week I have been planning my WSO Schedule for the next 14 weeks. As you will know from my last post I have been challenged to create one WSO per week.

Initially, I felt pretty stressed by this target but this feeling of pressure has lifted by planning out my schedules below.

The fact is, that when I started taking an inventory of all the products that I have already set up and ready to rock and roll, I realised that I only have to create 6 new products and reorganise and repackage my existing products to have a good selection of up-front offers and upsells.

So the task boils down to:

  • creating 6 new products, membership sites and sales letters
  • creating 14 sales funnels
  • creating 14 JV pages
  • placing 14 products and sales funnels on Warrior Plus
  • testing and checking that everything works and is integrated

Initially, I will be slow at some tasks, like setting up JV pages and putting products on Warrior Plus but as I develop familiarity and systems, this should become easier and easier.

My partners, Daniel Madeira and Scrembo, are handling traffic, affiliates and email follow up.  I will handle any support issues.

So here are my schedules for the next 14 weeks:

WSO Schedule 1 WSO Schedule 2

In the week beginning 14th April, my granddaughter is coming to say – so getting WSO #2 out that week will be a challenge – I really have to get WSO’s #2 and #3 ready for launch next week so I can meet my deadlines.  Also, once they are ready for launch, it would be helpful to make a start on my first new product, Honey Trap Funnels.

Honey Trap Funnels is all planned out, the membership site has been created – I just need to create the sales letter and content.

On top of all this, I have a number of clients to service and I am going through The IM System by Kenster – this is an excellent product that I recently invested in in partnership with my sister.  I also have a number of PLR and resell rights products to set up.

The first product – Product Creation Renegade – is all ready for launch next Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST which is 11 p.m. GMT.  The basic strategy behind our pricing and launch is being coordinated by Scrembo who has some experience at launching multiple WSO’s.

Product Creation Renegade is being sold at a large discount to its normal pricing – as you would expect with with a WSO.  It will be well worth the small amount of money I am asking.  If you want to promote this product, our affiliate page is here.

I have plans to launch Product Creation Renegade versions 2.0 and 3.0 because I have several more complementary product creation products that I can add into the funnel.  However, I may end up creating a new front-end product for either or both launches.

I hope you found my WSO Schedule for the next 14 weeks – if you take nothing else away, you should be mapping out your plans for the next few months too and setting yourself challenging deadlines for achieving your goals.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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