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The Internet Marketing Model


This diagram lays out the basic internet marketing model that applies to all online businesses.  There are nuances to this model that will impact on your success but this is the core model.

Nuances could be things like:

  • creating content in multiple modalities to encourage consumption
  • exit pop-ups on squeeze and sales pages
  • viral sharing incentives
  • use of graphics and design to engage visitors
  • use of psychology in your copy and offers
  • positioning
  • your mindset and goals
  • the quality of your training
  • your ability to manage your time effectively to get results
  • choice of niche and your competition
  • testimonials and proof of results
  • quality of the traffic source – for example, warm traffic from affiliates will convert better than cold traffic from advertising or SEO
  • and many, many more

All my products are designed to teach various aspects of this model because it is impossible to deliver everything within one product.  So for example:

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