I have a very good understanding of SEO.

My first website ranked well on Alexa.com (see below) and I have managed to get pages ranked for numerous keywords on the first page of Google, even though SEO is not my main focus.

Alexa Rank 9182 3.5.11


(This website has now been deleted because I have not kept it up-to-date but it does show that I know how to get traffic using SEO when that is my primary goal!)

The very first website that I created for a client (an architect) has remained steadfastly at #1 on Google for his main keywords for the last 5 years.

I am also currently getting a lot of success ranking videos on YouTube as this article shows.

I now have the ability to target more competitive keywords using the following strategies…

In May 2014, I purchased access to a plugin that creates Google-friendly websites in a perfect, keyword-optimised silo-structure with content that all links to the main silo landing pages (- see the graphic at the bottom of this page.)

I call this my Page One Traffic Machine.

In addition, I have the ability to quickly check the competitiveness of keywords in order to ensure that I can easily rank for targeted keywords so that I can work smart.

P1 Gcode Research


Smart Keyword Research

The acquisition of relevant content through content-curation, which can be fully edited and customised prior to publication, is also part of the system as an optional extra, if needed.

Video Optimisation

Also, how about optimising your Videos – this is what I can do:

WP SEO Player

Also, it is easy to monetise the site with either affiliate links, banner advertising or links to your own products.

This means that not only will the website be set up for maximum targeted organic traffic flow but the site will be optimised to make money or to generate leads, as required.

This Page One Traffic Machine system is limited to 100 website licenses – please contact Mark if you are looking for an SEO-optimised website for a particular product, service or niche.

Slide 1 - Silo Sites