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I have uncovered a technique for getting ranked #1 on YouTube within 17 minutes for my chosen keyword.  This was just a test to see if it works.

No 1 for Earn1KADay on YouTube in minutes

My video may have ranked even quicker than 17 minutes because it took me 17 minutes to check the ranking after posting the video!

This did not involve any back-linking or paying for views or paying for traffic – it was just pure on-page SEO and video marketing.

Furthermore, I used Google Hangouts on Air to make the video so it literally took less than 10 minutes from end to end because I did not script it and just opened up Hangouts and just started talking.

I do, of course, need to test my technique from end to end but the initial results are encouraging.

It will be interesting to how long the video can maintain its ranking without backlinks and then, if I throw some backlinks at it, how long it will take to recover its ranking.

Now I am going to work on scripting and systemising my promotional videos to ensure that they are of high quality and have a clear call to action.  I’m also going to test this with animated videos.

I’ll keep you updated about what else I can get ranked #1 on YouTube and just how quickly it happens as I will be rolling out a lot more promotional videos in the near future.

Here are the results of another test (- sorry about the poor audio quality!):


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