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List SparkI joined List Spark today – this is a 100% free viral list building system with an optional PRO membership on the back-end. This is my initial List Spark review.

I was introduced to List Spark by Ed Newman, one of my online colleagues, who I know is very good at list building.  He tells me that List Spark is working well for him right now.

When you join List Spark for free, before you can start building a list for yourself you have to bring 5 subscribers to the person who brought you in to List Spark.  After you have brought in 5 subscribers, you have bought your way into the free system (see what you get below) and all other subscribers are yours and they too will build your list exponentially.

After you bring in 5 subscribers – you are going to start getting viral traffic as well! Every subscriber you bring after that will need to bring you 5 subscribers before they can start using the system.

This video explains the List Spark viral engine – Video Link:

If you are a List Spark PRO member you can get commissions as well! If you are a free member – if someone decides to upgrade their account to PRO, you will NOT receive commissions (they will be passed through to the person above you which is a major reason why you should get a PRO membership).

With List Spark PRO you will be able to make money WHILE you build your list. Not only that, they will teach you how you can be using multiple streams of income (affiliate marketing, selling solo ads, ad swaps etc) to make money with your email subscriber list.

Here’s what you get inside List Spark:

List Spark Standard Membership (Free in return for 5 subscribers)

  • Proven to convert squeeze pages – tested with conversion stats shown.  They include optional exit pop-ups as well!
  • New squeeze pages are provided monthly.
  • Conversion numbers are shown in real time
  • Training on list building topics – especially how to drive free and paid traffic
  • Link Tracker to track how well your traffic is converting
  • Support
  • Viral leads

List Spark Pro Membership ($19.95 p.m.)

  • Pro training (advanced strategies – affiliate marketing, selling solo ads etc)
  • Power emails daily – new high-converting products to promote with unique email swipes are provided daily.
  • Unlock the List Spark Sales Funnel (i.e. you get 90% of $19.95 p.m.) – with List Spark Standard/Free you can only collect subscribers, but with List Spark PRO you can make money while you are building a subscriber list. Every time your subscriber decides to upgrade to PRO you will get 90% of $19.95 monthly charge. If your free subscribers are making sales – those sales are getting passed to you! So you will be making sales even when you will not be driving any traffic at all!
  • Unlock system – don’t have to send the first 5 subscribers to the person that introduced you. Every subscriber (and buyer) will be yours to keep!

I have purchased PRO membership because I think this is a great system for getting paid to build your list.

This video explains List Spark PRO – Video Link:

Once you are set-up on List Spark you need  to generate traffic to the squeeze pages that they provide.

You can either use free traffic sources or paid ones – but which methods to use?

Here are the pros and cons of each general method but in reality you will probably have both types of traffic generation running and track the effectiveness of each campaign using the excellent List Spark link tracker that is provided for free.

Free Traffic V Paid Traffic


  • Free (+)
  • Slow (-)
  • More work involved in making content (-)
  • Not that targeted (-)


  • Paid (-)
  • Very quick (+)
  • Less work (+)
  • Targeted (+)
  • This is what the IM gurus use (+)

Why I Like List Spark

  • you can get started with your list building completely free of charge
  • you get free high-converting squeeze pages that are updated regularly (and the sales funnel if you get Pro membership)
  • you can easily monitor your numbers using their free link tracking tool
  • it builds your list virally – it’s a very leveraged way of building a list.
  • one of the problems with email marketing is finding and researching good products to promote and then writing the email campaigns – this is all done for you if you get PRO membership. This is a true copy-paste money making solution.
  • if you want to generate traffic to your squeeze page by buying solo ads (traffic is the ‘spark’ needed to get the viral system working), there is a very useful solo ad vendor rolodex included in the PRO membership which normally costs $47

The List Spark system reminds me of the MLM business model i.e. it gets other people to help you to build your business using the viral list building system.  At the moment the system is built for the ‘make money online’ niche but it could be adapted for other niches if you ignore the power emails provide in the PRO system and simply plug in your own email campaigns.

If you join List Spark through my link, I will share my list building strategies and results with you – in particular which traffic sources I am using.

Every online business needs to build a list and the 100% free viral list building system that is List Spark is a very clever way to leverage your list building efforts.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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  1. Hey Mark!

    Thanks for the breakdown of how this works. I wanted to check and see if this is something you’re still working on, and if so— how’s it been going?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. I have moved on from List Spark Lance because I wanted to concentrate on creating graphics but I learnt a lot from the processes used in List Spark that can be applied to any business or niche. The process definitely works because I was generating leads from it and I am implementing it in a different niche. I hope this helps.

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