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Internet marketing often feels a bit like dealing in ‘snake oil’.

It’s often sold as the cure all remedy for those that want to work from home and make a lot of money at the push of a button.

Whilst you can make money by simply sending emails, getting people onto your list in the first place requires a well-executed strategy.

In an interview between my friend, Matthew Houghton, and John Cornetta, this is what John had to say:

In internet marketing, in the make money online niche, the best way to make money online is to sell training on how to make money online!

But it’s a little bit like ‘chicken & egg’ – how can you sell training on how to make money until you have made some money online?

The way around this is to leverage other people’s results by interviewing other people who have had success (-this is exactly what Matthew is doing in this video.) When you sell that product, you can then prove that you have had a positive result and you can leverage that result by showing other people how you did it and you then leverage that result and so on.

Alternatively, you can sell the internet marketing ‘tools’ – plugins and software, skills training and so on – you’ve heard the gold rush story where some people selling the spades made more money than the miners digging for gold!

Internet marketing only begins to make a lot more sense when you move the skills and strategies that you learn from the make money online niche into other niches where you are selling other products and services.  Many of these niches are easy to penetrate once you have acquired the cutting edge skills that you have honed in the make money online niche.

So whilst internet marketing in the make money online niche can seem a little bit like selling snake oil, you will learn skills and strategies that can be applied to almost any business.

Internet Marketing Snake-Oil

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