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Google Hangouts have given marketers a low-cost entry into creating webinars – it’s a technology that I intend to master for my own business.

Webinars have great conversion rates and coupled with Google Hangouts, that rank well for keywords on Google, represent a great way to create content and to market your business.

Here are a few ways that we can use Hangouts in our businesses:

  • we can create lessons, either free or unpaid, that help our customers and demonstrate our expertise.  Google have taken this to the next level to create Google Helpouts.
  • we can create workshops and training for a Group of students.  I think this is the way forward for education – by providing recordings, students can learn at their own pace.
  • Hangouts are a great way of creating demonstrations of products – demos are a great use of the technology
  • what about creating marketing presentations with Google Hangouts?  You can cover the full benefits of the product and also handle questions and objections from the viewers.
  • one of my colleagues has just created an interview product that launched with 560 front-end sales – interviews are a great way of using Hangouts.  You can even have more than one expert in the Hangout – infact up to 10 people including yourself!
  • I haven’t yet mentioned webinars.  Prior to Google Hangouts, webinar technology was relatively expensive, with leading providers demanding hefty monthly fees. Google Hangouts have made the technology available to everyone.
  • communicating with partners and staff is now made much easier with Google Hangouts.  This is a great way of holding an online meeting or colaberation.
  • what about providing customer support through Google Hangouts?  I’ve not seen it done yet but it is perfectly feasible.  I have seen it used for a monthly Q & A session with customers to demonstrate product features and to get feedback.
  • you can also use Hangouts for announcements and news items.

In my mind, Google Hangouts is just a question of being prepared to master the technology – the more that you do, the better you will get.

You just need to be a little mindful of copyright – make sure that you do not infringe copyright with any of the material, images, music, background items in your videos.  It would be very easy to inadvertently infringe copyright if you do not remain vigilant.

With these thoughts in mind, I have added a report entitled ‘Bad @$$ Hangouts’ to my site – you can get it for free here.

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