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Leave The EU

Here are some of the reasons why I want to leave the EU on 23rd June:

Institutional Fraud

The EU has not had an audit signed off since inception.

Each year billions of euros wash through the hands of the bureaucrats in the EU.  In my previous experience in the banking industry, any time that the accountants could not sign off an audit meant that there was a serious mis-allocation of funds.

Whilst I have no absolute proof of fraud, I believe that this is what is going on.  We only have to see the opulence of the living and working conditions that the bureaucrats have awarded themselves to see that something is not quite right.

There are 10,000 EU officials earning more than our Prime Minister and each EU member of parliament is costing in excess of £1m according to Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage.  The expenses system appears to be a scandal in waiting.

The top rate of tax for EU officials is around 16% only so they are not contributing fully themselves to the system that they have created.

Corporate Fraud

There are thousands of lobbyists in the EU that ensure that big business can influence the EU bureaucrats to make laws and regulations that favour them.  This means that they can squeeze out smaller competitors and competitors from outside the EU.

Who pays the cost of this?  It is quite clear that the consumer is paying the price in terms of higher prices for goods.  Professor Minford of Cardiff University has calculated that consumer prices could drop 8% immediately on leaving the EU if we moved to a system of free world trade.  (We do not need a trade deal with the EU, they need one with us if their manufacturers and farmers are to continue to protect their trade in over-priced goods!)

This is why big business is so insistent that we should remain in the EU – it is a racket that they currently control and we are all paying the price.

Who knows what fraud is taking place to influence decisions taken by EU officials?  Jobs, contracts, deals, bribes, subsidies, quotas, regulations – I bet the total figure is huge!

The Economic Argument

Professor Minford has calculated that we would be far better off outside the EU as we currently absorb the following costs:

  • Net UK contribution to the EU = 0.5% of our GDP
  • Costs of CAP and EU protection of manufacturing = 4% of our GDP
  • Cost of over-regulation = 6% plus of our GDP (-this would probably rise substantially)
  • Bail-out transfers = 2.9% of GDP
  • Effect of EU regulations on our growth = 0.5% p.a.
  • Effect of joining the Euro = would double our volatility

As members of the EU we are shackled to a trading zone that is at best stagnant.  We would be much better off trading with faster growing countries outside the EU including with our Commonwealth partners.

Lack of Control

Whilst one argument for staying in the EU is that we will be sitting at the table when the rules are made and can influence the decisions.  The UK has voted against 72 EU proposals and have been defeated on every occasion.  The truth is that we have little or no influence on decision-making.

Decisions are really made by the unelected members of the commission who are largely influenced by what the Germans want to happen.  The Germans hold the real power in the EU and they control the finances from Frankfurt.  The Euro benefits them as their currency is at least 20% weaker than it would be if they didn’t have all the lame ducks within the Euro.  This enables the Germans to expand their exports and manufacturing base and the UK is their biggest export market!

We have effectively given up our sovereignty and democracy to unelected officials in the EU where the decision-making is remote and opaque.

The EU is also very slow to respond to problems as demonstrated by their incompetent response to the immigration crisis.  The elections in Austria and France have demonstrated that far right organisations are now gaining a foothold in many countries and will continue to do so until control is established.


So much regulation is flowing out of the EU that it is impossible for our politicians and businesses to keep abreast of what is happening – much less to influence what is happening.  Some of these regulations are highly damaging to UK businesses.

There are 600 plus regulations relating to coffee alone and every aspect of our daily life is impacted by EU regulations which we have not been able to influence or shape.

For example, the imposition of VAT on digital purchases with no threshold is an administrative nightmare for small businesses like myself.

There is a lot of new regulation ready to be implemented if we vote to remain in EU – this has been held back until after 23rd June for fear that it could influence the way we vote.  If this regulation was truly to our benefit, why would they hold back?

There are taking an arrogant elitist view about the citizens of the EU i.e. that they know what is best for us.

We are the little people who must shut-up, follow their instructions and pay the cost!


Lack of control over our borders has meant that millions of people have emigrated to the UK from both inside and outside the EU.  This is impacting all public services to the detriment of the standard of living for the indigenous population.

Schools, roads, housing, health, policing, prisons etc – all are showing huge strain and it is quite clear that there is insufficient funding to keep pace with the sheer scale of immigration.

The possible entry of Turkey into the EU – another large country with a much poorer average quality of life and a largely Muslim population – is reason enough to want to get out of the EU.

I was personally against allowing the Bulgarians and Romanians into the EU for the same reason.  We have seen a huge rise in crimes like theft and pick-pocketing in recent years, as we took in people from these poorer countries.

Vote Leave

It seems to me that supporters of the Remain campaign largely fall into the following Groups:

  • the young who have been brain-washed by the education system to accept the new order, little understanding that they are being enslaved.  They have been sold a vision of integration and freedom of travel and movement but without understanding the cost that this will entail.
  • the politicians, the establishment and bureaucrats who benefit greatly from the employment opportunities afforded by the EU and their regulations.  If I was a politician hoping to get a job in the EU after I had left office, clearly I would have a vested interest in remaining inside the EU – turkeys do not vote for Christmas!
  • big business – as discussed above they have stitched up the system to their benefit through the lobby system and they also benefit greatly from the cheap flow of immigrant labour which holds down wages and working conditions for the general population.  Over-supply of labour effectively keeps the work-force under their thumb.

I have yet to hear a good case being  made for remaining inside the EU as far as the general population is concerned.

The Remain strategy is to scare the pants off these people by threatening loss of jobs, lower house prices, higher interest rates and so on.  Norway says that when they decided to remain outside the EU the same threats were made to them but the opposite turned out to be true for them.

I am fairly certain in my mind that we will find that we will be much better off outside the EU.  In fact it would be truly liberating.

Let’s give them a wake-up call on 23rd June and tell them to stuff the EU where ‘the sun don’t shine’!  I for one would love to show them that we will be much better off by going it alone and deliver a shock to their complacent and arrogant attitudes.

These are just a few reasons why I want to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016.

The Secret EU Agenda

If the people knew the real, secret EU agenda, and we are only part of the way through it at the moment, then, apart from the elite who benefit from the EU, no one would vote to stay in.

That is how extreme, how extraordinary and how fundamentally tyrannical the EU agenda is.

From its own documents and from the statements of its advocates right from the start it can be clearly shown that where we are now is where it was planned for us to be from day 1.

Also, where we are now is where we are now, not where the EU is meant to finish up.

So when they started out there had been a war in Europe to stop the Nazis from creating their version of what’s become the EU – a pan European centralised tyranny dictating to everyone in every country.

If that had been suggested at that time after the war then, of course, people who had just fought, lost loved ones and been maimed for life by fighting the Nazis to stop, in effect, that plan – a European control system coming into place – their response to the suggestion ‘let us do it’ would have sparked outrage.

So instead of that, they have used psychological manipulation – it’s about programming how people perceive situations so that you get people to respond to situations to suit your agenda.

Don’t tell people where you are going but tell them what they will accept. 

Europe was at first a free trade zone called the Common Market.  We were told before Britain went in by Ted Heath, PM, ‘it’s just a free trade area and it’s good for jobs’.  But from the start, that was not the game at all – that was the foot in the door.  The idea was then to pick-off more and more power to the centre until eventually there was a fully-fledged centralised dictatorship with no democratic checks and balances.  We are seeing that unfold.

So what did we see over the years? We saw a ‘totalitarian tiptoe’ – more and more power taken by the centre and yielded up by sovereign states to the centre.  Today 55% or 60% of the rules and regulations that affect the fine detail of lives in this country do not come up for debate in Westminster – it actually comes from bureaucrats in Brussels, beginning the process of imposing their will on the entire European population.

This has many devastating effects on people’s freedom, fairness and justice and even on the political system itself, which is perceived as one person/one vote – the foundation of democracy.   This system is being subverted by the EU.

The Agenda of the Corporate Giants

What has happened is that the EU’s very existence and bureaucratic control system has given trans-national corporations something they could barely have dreamed of (although having said that, those who controlled those corporations planned to do it so, in that sense, it was not a ‘dream’ but a calculated ‘plan’).

What it means for these corporations is this:

Before, if they were to get laws passed in a country that were beneficial for those corporations, they had to set about wheeling and dealing and lobbying in each of the countries they operated in and that took a lot of time, money and effort.

Once the EU bureaucracy was in place, the giant corporations had a one-stop shop.  Now all they had to do was persuade the bureaucrats in Brussels to enact the laws and regulations that the corporations want and they were then imposed upon every country throughout the European Union.

This is fully explained in The Brussels Business video which is about how the large corporations control the EU bureaucrats and why there is an explosion of offices in Brussels of lobbying organisations working on behalf of giant corporations.  There are now 30,000 lobbyists working in Brussels on behalf of large corporations.

TTIP is a Bum-Deal!

This has now taken us to a point where we have a secret negotiation going on, which cannot be revealed to the public, even by EU parliament members.  We have this TTIP deal which is being negotiated between the EU (i.e. the bureaucrats) and the bureaucratic equivalent in the US, the corporations and the lobbyists which, if they get what they want, will bring about a situation whereby if a corporation considers that a decision or the implementation of a new law or regulation by a so-called sovereign government could affect their future profits, they will be able to take that government to a corporate court that will allow that court to impose enormous fines on governments i.e. the population of that country, even though all they have done is pass laws for the benefit of the people or the environment or whatever.

For example:

If you look at something like the NHS – this is systematically being run down to prepare public opinion, and to weaken public resistance to, having it privatised – so that people will say ‘I never wanted it privatised but it can’t be worse than it is now’.  (If we weren’t a member of the EU we wouldn’t be affected by TTIP.) But if you are a giant global healthcare corporations, you could go to this court and say the state-owned NHS is affecting our potential profits and it is not a level playing field because the NHS is subsidised by the government.

We are having a situation, on behalf of the global pharma cartel, which generates billions and billions from the ill health and suffering of others, which is seeking to destroy all competition – all alternative methods of healing that it doesn’t control and own i.e. the entire complementary alternative medicines industry.  This is a war on alternative health, which already gets a lot of hassle from the authorities.

If we come out of the EU, we do not continue to be subject to the laws that will destroy the alternative healthcare industry. (To underline this point, it was interesting to see a representative from the pharma industry speaking out against Nigel Farage in a recent televised debate!)

EU Tyranny

To see the political elite standing shoulder-to-shoulder asking the people to remain within such a tyranny, is absolutely grotesque.

However, many people are starting to disconnect from politicians and their opinions and are starting to come to their own conclusions by carrying out their own research.  Many of these people have also been affected by the tidal wave of regulation that is pouring out of Brussels – they are saying we want to come out because of our own bad experience.

We are now seeing the Leave campaign moving ahead – we are seeing a disconnection between what the people think and what the political class are telling them they should do and how they should vote.

Countries Will Be Turned Into EU Regions

It is also planned that we will have a Europe of ‘regions’, not sovereign states.  There will be no nation states.

The preparation for that is the mass migration of people into Europe to break down identification with our nation state.  The massive point of resistance is those people who self-identify with their culture i.e. nations.  There is a major block to breaking up nations because people don’t want it.  What they are doing is diluting our sense of nationhood and culture by allowing vast numbers of people from other cultures to come in from both from outside and within Europe.

The people in the country, and those coming into the country, are both pawns in the same game and are being played off against each other.

Germany has the most sense of national cultural identity so Germany has been particularly targeted by opening the doors to millions of immigrants, many of whom are not genuine refugees.  The German people are in shock because it makes no sense to them as they do not know the underlying plan.

There are more countries e.g. Turkey, Albania etc scheduled to come into Europe and the open borders policy will remain in place to dilute national identity so that the resistance in every country to regionalisation is gone because there will be no identifiable culture.

This agenda would have been unthinkable even 5 or 10 years ago, let alone many years ago at the outset of the European project.

Get Informed And Vote Leave

We have seen the step by step attrition of our rights and freedom.

It is critical that people get informed and make their OWN judgment rather than listen to the politicians.  Do your own research online and make your own mind up.

Most politicians don’t understand what is going on and are ignorant of where the EU is going or they are being influenced by vested interests.  It’s a case of the blind leading the blind!

We can easily sleep-walk into staying in the EU simply through ignorance.  Go onto YouTube and do the necessary research and look at the background and documented evidence that the EU is indeed a tyranny.

Ted Heath knew this and even admitted he knew that political union in the EU was the eventual plan. He knew that the regions of the EU will specialise in certain areas – in the UK we are zoned for finance (with London at the centre) financial services and to be a service economy.  Other areas of the UK economy were to be systematically run down e.g. fishing, mining, manufacturing etc.  It is clear that Germany is zoned to be the manufacturing centre of the EU.

If you don’t know what the plan is – the centralisation of power in Europe and specialisation by regions to make one ‘country’ of Europe – it is difficult to make sense of what is going on.

The public are still being hoodwinked even now by Messrs Cameron and Osbourne who are also being manipulated by the vested interests.  They have over-cooked the case for Remaining in the EU – so much so that they are losing credibility with the people.

Hopefully, the Referendum vote will not be rigged.

We Will Be Punished (Remain or Leave) – Prepare To Suck It Up

If we vote to Leave the EU, it will not be the end – it will just be the start!

If you look at the countries and referendums that have voted against the EU e.g. Ireland.  The EU waits a bit, make things difficult for the country in question, does more manipulation and has another referendum to overturn the first one.

If we vote to come out, the political classes in the UK and Europe, will be doing everything they can to frighten people into reversing that decision.  Getting out of the EU is not a sprint but a marathon, so be prepared for further intimidation tactics.  We should not be surprised if they make it as difficult as they can in order that we beg to be re-admitted to Europe.

The referendum is possibly our last chance to throw off the tyranny of Europe and we must be strong.

They are holding back some crucial legislation, such as a European Army, until after the referendum. If we vote to stay in, they will no doubt punish the British people for demanding a referendum and voting in such large numbers to come out.

Once we are ‘in’ again, and we have no other chance to come out, there will be no checks and balances on what the bureaucrats will do then.

The reason why they are now using fear to frighten people to stay in is because there is no credible positive reason to stay in – there is no positive outcome for the people of this country, apart from the elite, to stay in.  That is why there is no positive campaigning to stay in.

If this is the case now, what will the situation be in future?

Vote For Freedom

We have an opportunity now to put two fingers up to the bureaucrats in Europe and assert ourselves i.e. this referendum is about FREEDOM above all else.

Why am I writing this political statement on my blog which is mainly about internet marketing?

I can see that if we remain inside the EU it is very possible that they could enact legislation at any time that could put me out of business and there would be nothing that I could do about it because the legislators are unaccountable bureaucrats.  Indeed, the introduction of VAT on digital purchases by the EU with no threshold is a case in point which put many small businesses into the position of not trading or having to trade through larger platforms that take a commission to handle their transactions.

This affects every person and business in this country and our freedom from EU tyranny is worth fighting for.  This is what is at stake in my opinion.



Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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