Create Stunning, Animated Video Commercials That Promote Your Business Today

Why it is vital to promote your business with videos?

  • Better SEO Rankings in searches with Video. Be on the top search results easily with a Video!
  • Greater authority and greater engagement with your market.
  • Having a presence on a popular social outlet like YouTube, is as important as having a Facebook page.
  • Overall an excellent promotional method – what would a TV commercial actually cost you? YouTube is set to overtake traditional TV viewer-ship!

What you can promote with these videos

You can promote your:

  • Business
  • Products
  • Services
  • Special offers
  • Events
  • Awards and successes
  • Clients and affiliated products and services

In fact, anything that you want to promote with short 1 to 2 minute branded videos that increases your leads and sales!

We can also create longer, sales type videos if required.

What we offer

We offer a relatively low-priced video creation service.

Most videos cost hundreds, if not thousands, to have made, with businesses having to get on camera or do some other things they just don’t have the time for.

We handle all the production, you don’t need to get involved.

We save you valuable TIME.

Optional extras

We can take your video to the next level by adding in voice-overs, clickable social sharing buttons, optin forms and payment buttons, as appropriate, and deliver the video on a state-of-the-art video player on your website.

Green Screen Video

It’s very sexy and cool to create ‘green-screen’ videos. With a simple set-up and the right editing software, it is very easy to create some stunning results.

Two of my friends recently created the following green screen video whilst several hundred miles apart in different countries. They simply filmed themselves separately and bought the results together in the editing software with a studio background.

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Other Services We Offer

We offer a full range of internet marketing services to our clients:

  • WordPress websites that are mobile-friendly
    • Squeeze pages
    • Sales pages
    • Sales funnels
    • Membership sites
    • Turn your training into a course
    • WordPress security
  • Digital product creation
  • Traffic generation
  • Social media engagement e.g. YouTube channel
  • Graphics
  • Training & coaching programmes

Stop Press:Sketch Videos

I have just added Sketch Videos to the video formats that I can create:

Stop The Presses Again: Logo Reveals