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I've just read a report with some great tips for optimizing Warrior Plus to increase WSO sales. This article is by way of a note to remind me to try these strategies when I next launch a WSO.

The report author uses a standard WSO set-up pricing structure:

  • The front-end product is priced at $7 with a dime-sale up to $9 , increasing at $0.01 per sale so that the payment button always has '1 left at $xxx' to increase scarcity.
  • The OTO is priced at $17
  • He offers 100% commissions on the front-end product and 50% commissions on the OTO which is fairly standard.
  • He looks to achieve 10% sales conversions on the front-end product and 30% conversions on the OTO.

Now that we have set the ground rules, let's look at some of the strategies he is using that may be less familiar to you:

  • Warrior+ has an inbuilt 'Affiliate Contest Builder' feature.  Rather than run a standard leader-board contest the author of this report simply offers an additional reward to affilliates for volume sales e.g. 50 sales = $50, 100 sales = $100 and so on, paid from commissions made from the OTO. (He is happy to do this as he regards his WSO's simply as lead generation products and looks to earn the bulk of his income from back-end sales generated from email marketing and offering his high-priced coaching programme via webinar.)  Using the Affiliate Contest Builder make his WSO stand out from the rest and attracts more affiliates.
  • Warrior+ also has another new feature - Affiliate Programme Accelerator and he turns this feature on in the Product Listing editor to enable Warrior plus to promte his product via emails and advertising.
  • ​He also invests in affiliate advertising on the affiliate offer listings page so that his product is highlighted at the top of the page to increase his number of affiliates.
  • ​When he launches his product, he mails his own list to bring an initial rush of sales - this is fairly standard operating procedure.  However, he is not really a fan of pushing WSO's at his list as he really wants them to move up his funnel to higher-priced products and services.
  • He prefers a plain text sales letter without fancy graphics as he thinks that this improves conversions. I notice that he does use screenshots of his proof elements though.
  • WSO of the Day can substantially boost sales - you need a quality product that converts well and has lots of good reviews from buyers.
  • There is another new feature in Warrior+ called 'Custom Commission Rules' - this allows you to automatically increase commissions to affiliates based on their volume of sales - this is called 'Multi-tiered Commissions'.  You can also do 'Timed Commissions i.e. adjust commissions based on certain 'time' parameters.  This is all fully automated and allows you to reward affiliates who can really drive sales but you need to consider your strategy based on whether or not you are using the Affiliate Contest Builder feature above.

The report author also uses Warrior+ to carry out product research in order to find out what is selling well:

  • In Warrior+ go to 'Marketplace/Top Sellers/Last 30 Days' to see the top-sellers over the last 30 days.  You can check out sales pages, niches, sales funnels and price-points. Creating a product on a trending topic increases your chances of success and vendors with similar products make ideal affiliates for your product.
  • Whilst on the above page click on the vendors names to see what other products they have created and check those products out to see whether they have done well with them and how they did it.
  • Then go to 'Marketplace/Alerts' to see 'Most Followed Vendors' and 'Most Followed Keywords' to see the most popular vendors and the most popular niches.  The followers of these people and keywords receive an alert when a product is launched by these vendors or with these keywords.  You can also 'Add Alert' to be informed of any new products in your area of interest for research purposes.

Finally, the report author uses a 3-part promotional campaign:

  • Pre-launch - he warms up his list before launch (and when it goes live) with 3 or 4 emails that also describe his bonuses.
  • Customised bonuses - he creates high-quality bonuses customised to each offer - these are not PLR.  These bonuses may be recycled as products that are launched.
  • Post-launch - continues sending email reminders including FAQ's to stimulate more sales.

These tips for optimizing Warrior Plus will increase sales - if you wish to know the nut and bolts of setting up a WSO then you may wish to get my free e-book 'How To Set-up a Warrior Special Offer'


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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  1. Very good article and best information , this will boost my affiliate commision for sure

  2. Great article Mark.

    First time over here, looks great.

    I was looking for some tips on WSO.

    James Hughes

  3. Hi Mark,

    I’m looking for a review about “How Powerful of Warrior+ Advertisement Services for A Vendor” ?
    Do you have one here on your blog? If so, please advice me about that.

    I’m very appreciated for every words from you.

    Richard Daris

    1. Hi Richard, I have heard that people have had success through banner advertising on Warrior+ but of course it depends on the offer you are making (- I saw someone making money with this on a banner advertising tutorial.) As with all paid advertising, you need to test your offer and ensure that you carefully track the number of clicks and conversions. This advice also extends to WSO’s – it is a highly targeted market where you need to track conversions on your offers.

  4. Tried to subscribe to your free setting up a WSO but says mailing list is not active.

    1. Thanks Ed – copy of report sent to you via Gmail

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