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The new Tiger Feet website launch is today, less than one week after I accepted the brief from my customer.

The first iteration of the website went by the board within 24 hours!  After a discussion with my customer, I realised that she wanted some enhancements to the design that the previous theme I was using couldn’t really handle.  So I simply changed the theme.

However, the new theme was quite time-consuming and complicated to configure and I spent a long time on Photoshop to make my client’s images really ‘pop’ by removing the backgrounds to bring the main images into stark relief.

You will also see that I am using a very nice slider and a nice portfolio widget to present her images.

I also guided my client on the type of content I would like to see on her pages and she was very responsive in providing it to me.  I then formatted it to present it nicely and with some extra marketing impact.

I think this is one of my best website builds yet – a client who knew what she wanted and helped me to respond quickly to her requests.

These are some of the comments I have had from my client by email:

 “I am really loving the new website!”

“It’s fantastic! I love it! “

Click on the image below to see the new website:

Tiger Feet website v2

Earlier this year, I created a website for my sister and she said that she would add the content.  Guess what?  She approached me yesterday and asked me to add the content which she has created!  So that is my next job.

I’ve also been approached today by two of my online colleages:

  • one wants to discuss partnering with me – since he is a master of solo ad traffic, this is interesting to me
  • the other wants me to check over his membership site and sales funnel prior to launch in 2 days time

I’m also wanting to create my next product ‘Honey-Trap funnels and I also have 3 squeeze page products I want to get online, including the email follow-up sequences.  On top of that, I yesterday invested in Kensters ‘The IM System’ so I have that to go through as well.

To bring me back to earth, I lost my car key and front-door key whilst walking the dog today – I think my head is somewhere else at present but I’m really loving the fact that I have plenty to do.  (I had to get my wife out of the bath to let me back into my house – anyone passing would have seen a naked lady wrapped in a towel letting me into the house and would be wondering what was happening!)

Hope you have time to head over to view the Tiger Feet website launch and please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the website.

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