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My latest client website, Tiger Feet, was a super-quick WordPress website build.

My client rang me at lunch time, I started work on it at around 4 p.m. and later that evening I sent the first draft of the site to my client.

This client is a young lady named Emma Breeze.  About 4 years ago she came to our Rotary Club to tell us about the dance business she was setting up.  To help her, I volunteered to build her first website at

I showed her how to operate the site and from then on, apart from the occasional intervention by me, she has basically developed her website as her business grew.

Her personality and energy are such that she now has a team of 5 staff and has found a sub-niche in ‘dance for people with disabilities’.  She has therefore decided to split out this part of her business as a separate brand called ‘Tiger Feet’.

This is  is the initial draft of the front page of the website.  I have no doubt that this will be tweaked and improved over time:

Tiger Feet Website v2

I don’t build that many websites for clients because I prefer to build them for myself.  It is much easier because beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

I have found from experience that, when someone else is doing the work, everyone likes to become a web designer by suggesting enumerable changes without realising what the changes really entail in time and skill.  And it is difficult to get them to pay for the additional time involved – in other words, they are happy to suggest a thousand changes as long as it is all on your time!

In the case of this website, I did a lot of work on Photoshop to resize the images, lighten them up, optimize them etc

Of course, I want my customer to be happy but it does make me reluctant to create websites for other people unless there is a reasonable margin in the job to cover revisions.  In this case there simply wasn’t, as I offered a super-keen price.

One of the business improvements I have suggested is to create a membership area which could serve the following purposes:

  • to create a dance tuition product
  • to create a product showing others how to establish a dance school
  • to use as a staff training area
  • to create individualised training programmes and schedules for dance students

With this in mind as a future enhancement to her business, I used a theme with a lot of navigation flexibility (the Membersonic Theme) so the membership area can be built on the back of this new site without the need for another website installation.

There are also a number of premium plugins installed on this site including an auto-backup plugin, a security plugin, and a visual editor.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at this super-quick WordPress build.


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