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Yesterday I purchased a reseller package of 89 videos called The No Cost Income Stream.  These tutorials basically outline 5 models for making money online without investing money.

They came supplied with a professionally written sales page and download page.  It appealed to me because it is what most people are looking for in the ‘make money online’ niche.

However, a download page for videos really sucks – particularly when there are 89 of them!  So I have decided to create a video playlist for each model and put these onto a membership site to improve the presentation of the material.

I have a membership site clone set-up for fast deployment of membership sites – it is almost easier to than setting up a download page and certainly enables you to cross-promote your other products and services better.

The 5 No Cost Income Stream models are:

  • Product Launch
  • Freelancing
  • Video Marketing
  • List Building
  • Affiliate Marketing

In addition there are video tutorials covering 16 free traffic methods.

Here is a snapshot of the front of the membership site:

NCIS Website 500 x 350

These are high quality videos made by a partnership of 3 x 7-figure marketers.  I paid $37 for the package of videos and I’m selling access to the tutorials for $37 – so just one sale will recoup my out-of-pocket investment.

I’ve converted the sales letter onto a WordPress page with an exit pop-up that offers access to each model for $9.95 in order to maximise sales.  Seperating the models like this gives me a number of options for marketing each of the models as a separate product.

I’ve also created the website header, video splash image and variors images for marketing the product.

The first module of 30 videos is in place and the rest are being uploaded to Amazon S3 today – 89 videos represent a lot of work, particularly as I had to download each one off the download page.  The videos were uploaded to Amazon S3 via Easy Video Suite.

Here are a few more details:

1) What is the course all about?

Eric, Paul, and Jeff aka the Real Guys wanted to give the very best answer that they possibly could on how to make money online without spending money, so they created a comprehensive step-by-step video course showing how to actually build an online business using 100% free tools.

2) This is 2.0 of the product – what’s the difference between the first NCIS course and NCIS 2.0?

They created NCIS 1.0 about two years ago. It basically covered one business model, which was affiliate marketing. NCIS 2.0 actually covers 5 business models: No Cost Product Launches, No Cost Freelancing, No Cost Video Marketing, No Cost List Building, and No Cost Affiliate Marketing.

It goes into a lot more options, more depth with 89 videos, and it is 100% up to date at this time, having been created in the past month.

3) Are there any bonuses included?

There are several valuable bonuses: I’m including some additional courses:

  • Videos about the various free Video Screencasting Tools available
  • Video tutorials about how to use free graphics editors

I’m also adding PDF’s of the Powerpoint presentations to each ‘No Cost Income Stream’ model. I may also create a video sales letter and split-test this against the written version.

Of course with 89 videos to watch there is a cost – your time – and time is money!  But if you are ‘time rich’ and cash poor’ this is an excellent option.

If you are cash rich then I would also recommend that you sign up for coaching – if that interests you feel free to contact me through my Contact page.  Whilst you may baulk at investing in coaching, ultimately, in my experience, it will save you both time and money.

Hopefully, selling these tutorials will add another income stream to my business as I build it into a ‘multiple streams of income’ model.  I probably need to create a low-cost or free squeeze page in front of this product and put this product on the back-end.

It’s not a ‘No Cost Income Stream’ but it is a low-cost income stream!

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