JVZoo Product of the Day For Hangout Cash Code

We have been awarded JVZoo Product of the Day for Hangout Cash Code which is a massive achievement for us. It sort of marks a ‘coming of age’ for me in particular because it is recognition from my peers that we have created some value in our community.  However, my belief in the product goes […]

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Han Fan Is Promoting Hangout Cash Code

Han Fan (the internet man) is promoting Hangout Cash Code which launches on 1st August 2014 at 3 p.m. EST. The interview took place at around 2 a.m. in the morning so if Chris Cole and I look a little tired and our mind is wandering from time to time, you know why!  Chris is […]

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Hangout Cash Code Is Coming!

For several weeks now I have been working on a product entitled Hangout Cash Code in partnership with Chris Cole. At the beginning of the year, I set myself the goal of really mastering Google Hangouts as part of my 2014 business plan.  So when Chris Cole approached me to help him to build out […]

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