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Setting up sales funnels appears difficult if you are just starting out in internet marketing.  Let me show you how to make this easy on yourself.

Whilst I have created some funnels myself, I’ve not always been thrilled by the aesthetic result. I was therefore interested that someone on the Warrior Forum was offering their proven sales funnel for sale offering a collection of affiliate plugins on the back-end on the funnel to monetise the traffic immediately.

A great way to build a profitable list.

I decided to buy the funnel for 4 reasons:

  1. To install the funnel on my site – it is said to convert well
  2. The funnel has PLR rights included so you can steal my funnel here
  3. I wanted to reverse-engineer the funnel to understand how it has been constructed
  4. I want to build my own funnels by replacing the products in this funnel (- both my own products and relevant affiliate offers)

With regards to point 3, I am delighted to report that I can see how to alter all aspects of the funnel to create my own new funnels.  This is good news because I love the simple design.

Here are the respective pages of the funnel I purchased:

Page 1

Funnel 1 v2


Page 2

Funnel 1a v2


Page 3

Funnel 2 v2


Page 4


Funnel 3 v2


Page 5

Funnel 4 v2


Here are some things that I have learnt as a result of reverse-engineering the funnel:

  • the theme is called Simon Framework – a free theme that has been modified
  • the background colours are easily changed in the WordPress Editor, as is the header with the ‘WARNING’
  • all plugin offers are affiliate products on Clickbank – it is very easy to simply replace your Clickbank ID in the code and swap out the products on each page
  • the whole funnel is well systemised and easy to replicate and set-up – I set this whole funnel up in less than 1 hour on a new WordPress installation.
  • Page 2 redirects after 5 seconds using code called Meta Refresh – something I hadn’t come across before.  (The revolving button on this page is a simple gif that can be found free via a Google search)
  • the funnel comes with a 14 day auto-responder email series packed with more great offers
  • you also get a well-written swipe email to use for solo ad traffic generation.

The vendors of this funnel say that they have grossed over $24,000 from this funnel but they do not reveal how much they paid for the traffic that they drove to the squeeze page.

Let’s assume that it only broke even, which I doubt, then the addition of multiple hundreds of people to your list is worth a lot of money in its own right – this funnel alone has the potential to give me a very good income if worked correctly and the back-end profits are included.

But that’s not all – with the PLR Rights, I have the opportunity of also selling the funnel to other people to make money and to build new funnels with the same system.

The PLR funnel includes a front end offer which should be sold for $27 – $47 and then a back-end offer of $47.

As I said earlier in this article, buying a funnel as a product from an expert is a smart move in my opinion if you forensically examine the funnel to see how it has been constructed and then use it as a framework for constructing your own funnels.

It then becomes important to add some additional vital ingredients into the mix – namely, a process to measure and monitor your conversion rates and EPC from the funnel.

I will be testing this funnel and will report back in another post on how I set up the monitoring system and what the results have been from driving traffic to this funnel.

This funnel has already been extensively tested but, in circumstances where you are creating your own sales funnel, you will also need to split-test your pages in order to maximise conversions.

This is not just a theoretical exercise – you can visit the actual sales funnel that I have set up here:

Learning about setting up sales funnels for your business is much easier if you take this approach i.e. learn from an expert before you try to build your first sales funnel.


I’ve sent around 70 clicks to this squeeze page from surplus traffic generated by a friends link rotator and it is converting at around 30% i.e. 21 optins – with higher quality traffic, my friend reckons that it should convert at around 40% or more.  I will send more traffic to this page a test it further!


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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