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Selling website design services

Here is a simple but effective system for selling website design services.  

This simple system generated over $14,000 for an internet marketer in just 14 days so it works.


Pick A Niche & Location

This system works in any business niche so you don't need to be too selective.  It could be restaurants, coaching, plumbers, electricians, churches, lawyers, architects, fitness trainers, consultants etc

The location will  be a town or city.  Start locally but you can also pick a town or city in another country if you can speak the language.​


Find 10 - 12 Businesses In Your Chosen Niche

​Find 10-12 businesses who either have no website, a website that needs updating or a poor looking website in your niche by doing some research on Google.  Search for 'niche & location'.

Personally, I use some lead-finding software to semi-automate this process - you can get this software for around $37.​

You want to get an email address for each prospect for Step 4 below.  For businesses that have no website you can ​sometimes send them a message via Yellow Pages.


Set Up A Demo Website 

​Buy a niche-related best-selling WordPress premium theme at and set up the website with the demo content and put a holding logo and branding in place.  

Premium themes come with easily downloadable demo content so this is quick and easy to set up.  Set the site up on a directory of your website because you will obviously need to set this up again on your new clients domain and hosting.

If you don't know how to set up the site you can find someone on or in the Warriors For Hire​ section of the Warrior Forum to do it for you.


Send An Email To The Businesses Chosen in Step 2 Above

​This is the email to send:

Dear <Business Owner Name>,

I'll keep this brief, as I guess you're a busy business owner, and don't have a lot of time. Don't close this email, it's personally written, not a mass spam response.

My name is <YOUR NAME>, I live and own a business in <City Name> called <Your Business Name>.

I found your business online and I saw that you <do not have a website yet for your business> OR <have already a website but (please do not get angry) your website is really out-of-date>.
Well I have been in this industry for years now and I can tell you that 98% of people are looking for different businesses online.

A business website is a must have nowadays.

I finished creating a brand new, modern and unique website a few days ago because a client from <City Name> called me and wanted a new website for his business. He is in exact the same industry as you are.

After I had finished my work, my client contacted me and told me that he is not able to open his <BUSINESS NAME>. I am not someone that charges people for something that they do not need. So now I am sitting on this awesome website and cannot use it.

The reason why I contacted you is, because I thought you may be interested in getting this unique website for your business?

Of course, I would not charge exactly the same money as I charged my previous client.

Before I start telling you about all the features, I would like to give you a peek at how the website currently looks so that you can imagine what I am talking about.

Please see here: <URL TO WEBSITE>

So what do you say? Pretty cool huh?

Let me tell you a little bit more about the website:

- Unique and modern Webdesign

--> This website uses all the modern standards of 2015!

- Responsive Webdesign --> The design was coded for all different screen sizes and fits also for smartphone and tablets. Try it out.

- Website has an administration panel so that you as an Admin can administrate the whole website easily.

- Search Engine Optimized --> This website is already optimized for Google so that you will rank better from the beginning





I want to be honest with you....I agreed with the <BUSINESS> in >CITY NAME> a total amount of $2600 for the complete website. I am not going to charge you the same because this offer should be a Win-Win Situation.

I will help you with a modern website and you will help me if you buy the website. I will sell the complete website for $1500.
As a bonus I would do the following things for you:

- Change all images with your images

- Change the logo with your logo

- Add all your text that you would like to have on your website

- Install everything on your hosting account - if you do not have one yet, I will get you one.

This e-mail is an one-time offer!
It’s important to mention I will be emailing some others in your industry, so the quicker you can back to me, the better, since only one person can get this awesome website from us.

Thanks for your time, and either way, let's chat a bit. I could really help you out.
Looking forward to your reply,

<Your Name>

– Your Business Name>
<Your Website URL>
<Your Phone Number>
Email back at <Your Email Address Here>​

Note on Pricing:

You need to weigh up your prospective customer when quoting a price - some will warrant a lower price and others a higher price.  You may also have to adjust pricing if the client wants to change the specification significantly e.g. more features or pages.​



​Respond to enquiries that you get from your email or wait 2-3 days and then ring each business and ask if they received your email.  Set up meetings or discuss on the phone as appropriate.


Process Your Orders

​You can either set-up the clients website yourself or outsource this - you may need to outsource website set-up if you wish to scale your business.  Charge a small monthly fee for maintenance and updating (plus hosting if appropriate.)


Sell More Services

​After 3 weeks, follow-up with new customers and sell more services like SEO, email marketing etc.

The key to the success of this system is:

  • ​the prospect can see what they are getting (which is much nicer than their current site) before they buy
  • the scarcity created by selling an 'unwanted' site at a discount - the prospect can smell a discount arising from your difficult situation. You have positioned it as a win/win as the customer gets a discount on an upgraded site and you recover some of your costs. 

Selling website design services should be relatively easy with this simple system.  If you want a discount on the lead finding software, contact me and I'll hook you up!


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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