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I’ve been having some sales funnel ‘fun’ this week – I speak sarcastically of course!

I needed a free give-away on the front-end of my funnel so I created a 30 page eBook about sales funnels at the start of this week. This is now on a squeeze page at

I went through a number of names for this eBook including Slippery Sales Funnels, Sticky Sales Funnels, Sales Funnels on Steroids, Sales Funnel Domination but, when I saw Sterling Sherrells Book title called List Building Supremacy, I knew that ‘Sales Funnel Supremacy’ had to be it. Sorry for ‘stealing’ your idea Sherrell, hope you will forgive me!

On the same squeeze page, I have created an exit-redirect offering another free eBook called ‘Website Traffic Tornado’ which also has an exit pop-over with another free offer for ’10 Free ways to Generate Massive free traffic from Facebook.  These exit pops are designed to give me the maximum opportunity to add visitors to my list.

I have therefore written or created 3 free give-aways and I also designed and created the ecovers below using Photoshop:
Sales Funnel Supremacy Ecover 400 x 500




7-Building-Block-of-Business-ecoverI also added a $1 downsell to The Way of the Warriors by recycling an eBook that I had written a little while ago so my funnel now looks a little different to the one I planned a week ago (click on it below to read it):

 Sales Funnel v3

I had hoped to have the funnel up and working by the end of today but I have been frustrated by problems in setting up the $1 trial for both the Product Creation Renegade and WP Website Wizard downsells in the funnel on JVZoo.  For some reason the system is not giving me the correct payment buttons so I have had to submit a ticket for help to JVZoo.

Once I have the whole funnel set up on JVZoo, I am going to create a video about how I did it so that it might help some of the students in the coaching group who have yet to set up a sales funnel.

Once I have set-up the sales funnel, I am going to ensure that Google Analytics is fully installed on the front of the funnel to monitor incoming traffic and then set-up a spreadsheet to monitor sales and conversions.  I will also set up a couple of split-tests using Google Experiments.

Getting stuck into Google Hangouts on Air

I had a very useful Google Hangout with Manie Amari last Tuesday evening – we are both intent on cracking the use of Google Hangouts on Air for webinars.  Manie is using the Google Hangout plugin for webinar set-up and I am using the Webinar Express plugin.  It is my turn to test out Webinar Express on the next call this Tuesday.

The trial of Google Hangouts was useful to Manie who was operating on an Apple computer – he discovered that he needed an app to increase the light-levels on his web-cam.  The other useful thing to come out of the meeting was that we have both discovered an automated way to calculate EPC and we are just trying to get to grips with the system before we discuss with our fellow coaching students.

Manie also revealed his new product about Facebook and I suggested that he get the help of our student Facebook Group to launch the product – I note that Manie did this the following day and the reaction to his product, FB Cash Fuse, is encouraging. Sweet graphics Manie!

fb cash fuse

Reverse-Engineering My Income

Following last weeks session with Marc Milburn, I also reverse-engineered how I was going to generate an income of $100,000 this year.  When I extrapolated my EPC it came out at just $0.32 for me and the same for affiliates which clearly illustrated the need for some higher-priced products in my funnel.  However, Marc advised me to set up my funnel as planned on the basis that I can change it later.  As he said ‘it is not set in stone’ and I say that ‘every journey starts with the first step’.  Just getting a funnel online will be a major breakthrough for me.

Improving My Graphic Design Skills

I have found a free course on to enable me to increase my skill level on Photoshop.  At the moment my tool of choice for graphics is Macromedia Fireworks but Photoshop is more advanced and I really want to up my skill levels to the point where I can produce my own amazing graphics.

Instamember Is On Fire

I also bought and promoted Instamember this week – a new membership plugin that was launched last Monday and they sold over 3,000 copies in the first 3 days which shows that a good product will always find a ready market. I bought it for the developers license so that I can now produce membership sites for anyone.  I will continue using Membersonic for my sites because of its simplicity but Instamember has some features that Membersonic does not so they could become useful in certain circumstances.

I also spent an hour with Ian Horner this week showing him how to set up Membersonic on his site.  It was good to connect personally with Ian, who is one  of Marc Milburn’s students.  (I also made initial contact with Sterling Sherrell in our student group and we have a new member in Doc TheCoach, who has recently sold his hedge fund!)

James Dyson announced the launch of Optimize Press 2.0 in mid-July – I have to say that it looks very attractive.  It will be fully responsive with a drag and drop interface.  The page designs are off-the-hook, so it looks like I will be investing in this in July.

Looking Forward To Next Week

So all in all it has been a busy week but I am disappointed that I did not quite meet my goal of getting my whole funnel set-up by the end of play today.  Hopefully, another hour or so’s work and I will be there and I can start driving some traffic to the front of the funnel to test it.  I will start with some solo ads and hopefully I can get Daniel Madeira to guide me on this after he has inspected my funnel set-up.

One of the ideas I have running around in my mind is to start creating ‘vBooks’ i.e. these are eBooks with links to illustrative videos to explain something in more detail that I am discussing in the book.

So it looks like my sales funnel fun will continue into the start of next week and I also plan to finish off my affiliate page and start recruiting affiliates or at least networking with affiliates on in the Facebook JV groups.


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