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I’ve just launched a product within 3 days of attending Alex Jeffreys Live – it’s called The Sky Inside and it’s about vision, mindset and time management.

This product is the first in a series of 7 integrated products designed to teach all I know about launching an online business.  It’s a combination of material from my days as an offline consultant combined with what I have learned about internet marketing over the last 4 years.

Credit for this speedy launch is not entirely due to Alex, but attending his seminar has added urgency to my action.  I already had the product and was going to launch it as a WSO but I missed the launch date and I was prevaricating about how to create an upsell to the product.  Instead of wasting any further time, I have launched the product on JV Zoo after a coaching session from Marc Milburn last night which outlined his product launch strategy.

Marc does not ‘launch’ products, he simply ‘releases’ them, then drives some test traffic at his sales page to see how it converts – ideally around 1,000 clicks and then, when he knows how it is converting, he begins his traffic strategy of inviting affiliates to promote his product.

This strategy takes away all the stress of a launch and I can perhaps consider a WSO launch later at a discounted price point.

I have two further products to launch over the next couple of days, once I have completed a sales letter for each- suddenly the strategy is becoming clear.  By launching on JV Zoo, I am able to offer affiliates lifetime commissions on all my products which is important bearing in mind that all the products are integrated into a single purpose of helping my buyers to create a sustainable online business – I therefore fully expect to cross-sell the other products to any buyer of a single product and I will set up my auto-responder to this end.

In addition I am setting up a fixed term membership site called ‘Business Creation Mastery’ to supplement my product range as an additional upsell.  The purpose of this site is to bring all the products together at a higher level. Credit for this goes to Alex Jeffreys who set the challenge of setting up our recurring income membership site within 30 days – I fully intend to meet this deadline.

Once all this is set up and generating revenue, I will also be offering coaching but I think that it is important to show some results first!

Within the last few days, thanks to Alex and Marc, a number of road-blocks in my mind have been removed and the way ahead suddenly seems clear.  I am sure that there will be further road-blocks along the way but with Alex Jeffreys, Marc Milburn and Dean Holland as my coaches I have someone to turn to if I get stuck.

One of the big realisations from Alex’s event was that I am over-complicating my business. One of the frustrations I had was that technically I have most of the information I need to succeed but I just couldn’t make progress as fast as I thought I should be because I was over-complicating the process.

An example of this was trying to get my sales funnel in place before a launch.  However, by simply ‘releasing’ my product, I can add the sales funnel later as I ‘release’ further products.  It takes all the stress and complication out of getting my products to market.

Also, JV Zoo is technically much simpler to set-up than a WSO which reduces the stress hoping your launch does not flop badly because of a technical problem.

Another example of how I am introducing simplicity to my business is through my resolution to use just one WordPress Theme for my products and sites – Optimize Press.  Each WordPress theme has its own special features which take time to master.  I’ve decided to use Optimize Press because it can be deployed in most situations – squeeze pages, sales letters, launch sequences, blog and membership sites.

Not only will this cut down the time taken for deployment but it also helps with branding your business if all sites and products look similar.  Whilst many other internet marketers use Optimize Press, I intend to differentiate my site through the creative output of headers, graphics and using the creative features of Easy Video Suite to present my material so that my sites are visually interesting.

If The Sky Inside was launched within 3 days of returning from Alex Jeffreys Live Event then the question is, ‘how quickly can I release the other two products that I have developed’? Watch this space!


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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