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“My purpose is to change the world by helping my customers to communicate and package their expertise in the best possible way in order to improve not only their own lives but also the lives of their customers.”

I am an expert at creating high-quality digital training products - you can clearly see this if you take a look around my website (- just look at my sidebar for starters!)

But, I can assure you that it wasn't always this way. I have felt the pain of confusion and failure on many occasions​ prior to achieving my current level of mastery.

There were many occasions when I literally felt 'lost in the wilderness', and I wished I had had a helping hand to guide me - this would have saved me a lot of time and money.

Now I want to give back and help others...

From the testimonials below, you will see that I am now helping OTHERS to create their products - particularly in areas where they have technical challenges, like membership sites for example.​

I can usually short-cut their product development process by weeks, if not months - what is that time worth in hard cash?

Every client will be different - some will require more or less of my time, depending on the stage of their product development.

Until you have a great product or service to sell, you have no means of exchanging value.

If you would like me to help you, simply complete this questionnaire to get a 30 minute FREE consultation​ to outline your current product creation project, and we can agree a mutually beneficial programme to complete your product.

I have expertise in the following product development areas:

  • eBooks and eCover creation
  • Audio & podcasts
  • Video creation, storage and delivery
  • Membership sites
  • Creating courses from your content
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Affiliate integration
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Creating graphics for branding and presentational purposes

So Let's Just Cover EXACTLY What Is Involved In Launching Your Awesome Profit-Pumping Product


Mark Salmon

It has taken me a very long time to fully get to grips with all the technical requirements for putting together an effective sales funnel and digital product delivery system.

For many people in the internet marketing space, this seems an almost insurmountable barrier that stops them from ever moving forward.

If this is you, it makes sense for you to play to your strengths and outsource this part of your product creation to someone you can trust, so you can focus on marketing and the actual product creation part of the process.

Let’s just quickly recap the main elements required for successfully launching a digital product…

#1 Squeeze Page

Primarily used for traffic that you generate. Affiliates will not normally drive traffic to your squeeze page but you need one in front of your sales page to maximise your sales conversions from traffic generated by you.

Generating leads enables you to follow up with prospects who didn’t go on to buy your upsell or OTO. You may also want to add an exit popup to maximise conversions.

#2 Sales Page(s)

Your sales funnel can be as long or as short as you wish but putting it all together can be a barrier to some product creators.

The problem is that, in order to maximise sales revenue, you need a sales funnel – the rule is that you only stop selling when the buyer stops buying. So you must give your customers the opportunity to buy as much or as little as they wish of your awesome information and training.

#3 Membership Site / Download Page

Following purchase, you will need to direct your purchasers either to a download page or membership site.

In general, I prefer to present my products via a membership site – membership sites have a higher perceived value because you can package your product, it’s easier for buyers to access and consume your content, you have more options for segmenting and pricing your content,you can secure your content and you have the opportunity to cross-sell more effectively.

From experience, I also find that it is easier to improve a membership product over time by adding fresh content and you can create a regular income through monthly subscriptions.

In addition, you can segment your product and drip the content (i.e. release your content at say daily, weekly or monthly intervals).

Optionally, you can even make a ‘course’ out of your training i.e. only allow access to the next module after participants have answered some questions and got a % correct. You can also see to what extent your students are progressing through your training.

If you opt for a membership site to secure your content, then you will need to configure your membership settings carefully which is not a straight-forward task if you have never done this before.

#4 Product Creation/Packaging

Whilst you may produce excellent content and training, you will also need to ‘package’ and present your information in the best possible way. This may entail:





Video Splash images,

Audio and Video player

Webinar access for additional training and workshops

Page design

Navigation design



These elements will move the perception of your product from ‘amateur’ to ‘professional’ level.

There is a saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but people frequently do!

#5 Email Marketing Integration

Within your sales process you will need to create one or more lists – for example, a list for prospects that optin to your squeeze page and a list (or lists) for buyers who buy one or more of your products to enable you to systematically follow-up with them on your back-end marketing (which is usually where the money is.)

You need to build this into your sales process and you may also need to integrate your auto-responder with either your merchant provider and/or your membership script to capture every single buyer and place them onto the right list for subsequent automated follow-up and conversion.

#6 Affiliate Platform Integration

In order to recruit affiliates and to have a payment processor, you may wish to list your product on one of the well-known affiliate sites like Clickbank, JV Zoo, Digi Results, Warrior Plus etc

You will not only have to create the listing and funnel within the affiliate platform, but also integrate this with your sales pages and membership script.

You will need to get the payment button code and put this onto the appropriate sales pages.

Then you need to create either a JV Page or JV blog giving potential affiliates full details about your awesome offer and affiliate promotional tools to help them to promote your offer for mutual advantage.

#7 Testing & Monitoring

Once you have created your semi-automated system, you have to test it to ensure that it works before the offer can go live i.e. that it works from sales page right through to delivery.

You may also wish to set up split-tests for your squeeze page and sales page(s) in order to maximise your sales conversions.

If you are generating your own traffic to your sales funnel, you will also need ‘link tracking’ in place so you know where your traffic is coming from and how effective your marketing campaigns are.

Are your visitors coming from your marketing video on YouTube, your advert on Facebook or your banner on a forum? – without link-tracking you will be totally in the dark about which marketing campaign is the most effective.

Measuring, testing and monitoring are important processes in optimising sales funnel conversions – there is some technical expertise in setting all this up and it is essential, not optional, that you should have this all in place.


After you have created your content, such as your sales page and training materials, putting all of this together into a coherent package that works and that delivers value is technically demanding to the uninitiated.

There are plenty of ‘moving parts’ that potentially could go wrong, even if you know how to put it all together.

If you have never done it before, it will take a lot of your time and effort to find out how to do this for yourself. Some never manage it and as a result never move forward with their online business.

I can potentially make these technical headaches ‘go away’ by either doing this for you or checking over your complete system to ensure that it all ‘hangs together’ prior to your launch.

In the latter case, I may be able to suggest improvements that radically increase your return on investment.

It is impossible to ‘price’ my service without first ‘scoping’ your project to find out which parts you need help with.

For example, you may have hosting and a website already or perhaps not?

You may only want help with one part of the system such as membership script configuration or video storage and delivery?

You may have all your graphics or not?

Your packaging may be great or it might not be?

You may have a simple sales funnel or it could be complex?

Each person and each product will have a different set of requirements.

Prior to engaging with you, I will therefore need you to either complete a questionnaire and/or hold a short Skype consultation to find out what you require and whether or not I think I can help you.

If the technical demands of creating the above process is stopping you from moving forward, let me ask you a simple question… what is this costing you in time, lost sales and lost opportunities?

Doesn’t it make sense to play to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses?

If you agree, then complete the questionnaire BELOW and you will be closer to launching your product than you ever thought possible, perhaps cutting weeks, months or possibly even years off the process!

How much is that worth to you?.

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Should I or Shouldn't I, THAT Is The Question? Hmmmm

Go on! What have you got to lose?  Here's what others are saying...

Great job, Mark.

I had a one on one consultation with Mark Salmon and can’t recommend this enough.

We covered in some detail my approach to launching my first product and how long it was taking.

The conclusion was that I needed to speed things up and launch version 1.0.

This advice, although simple, has given me a tremendous boost and I’m much closer to reaching that goal.

I also received help with the actual implementation – building the members area, uploading and hosting the videos, and uploading the PDF files.

Mark did a fantastic job of building my membership site and uploading the videos, Powerpoint slides and audio modules.

This has saved me a significant amount of time, given me more confidence and moved me further forward towards that elusive goal of releasing my first product.

Anyone looking for help and advice on how to fast track their business need look no further.

This was all done in 3 1 hour sessions, where we managed to upload all the videos, audios and Powerpoint slides, all hosted on Easy Video Suite.

Highly recommended.

Mark Steer

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I have admired Mark's work for sometime and I recently got the opportunity to work with him in a professional capacity.

Mark's knowledge and professionalism is exactly what you need in a consultant. He is patient and has a eye for detail that makes such a difference in the end product.

His easy going style immediately puts you at ease and it was such a pleasure to work with him. My product rocks now thanks to Mark and I am eternally grateful.

Cheers Mark!

Tsahai de Silva