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This article is a product creation update as it seems appropriate to review where I am at present given that this is being written right at the beginning of a new year – 2014.


Today I released Mark Salmon .Info onto the market.  This is a collection of video training packages to which I have resell rights.

They can either be bought individually for $27 a piece or as a package where 1 training is dripped out every week for a monthly subscription of $27  i.e. you get access to 4 trainings for the price of one every month.

Each training comprises between 7 and 12 videos and some include audios, powerpoint slides and transcriptions.

They cover a wide range of topics about internet marketing to give anyone who purchases a well-rounded education in internet marketing.

35 trainings have currently been added to this product and this will rise to at least 52 shortly so that I have at least one years content available.

This product also gives me the ability to plug any of my customers or students into an appropriate training on a wide variety of topics.

For example, if you want to add a product to an affiliate site like Clickbank or Digiresults then there are trainings on exactly how to do that.  Alternatively, you may want to create some graphics using the available free tools online – there is a training on that too!  Or perhaps you want a business model or strategy to pursue like flipping websites – yes, you can get a training on this too.

There are far too many topics to cover here but you can click on the image below to get more information on all the good training that I am releasing on

Mark Salmon . info website 500 x350

Easy Graphics 101

I have one module about Photoshop Actions to complete on this product and this will then be complete apart from the sales letter.  Hopefully this should be completed and released by the end of January.  This is how the site looks currently but is has not yet been released for sale.  It includes 4 modules:

EWPG v2 500 x 350

Solo Ads Assassin

Solo Ads Assassin has been completed in partnership with Daniel Madeira who operates a solo ads business.  I did the technical site set-up and put some of my other products into the sales funnel to create a very nice offer.

Unfortunately, Daniel has had to deal with some personal problems first before he could contemplate launching this product.

Again, all the content is on the site and it is ready to rock and roll.  Here is how this site looks and hopefully it will be up for sale by the end of January:

Solo Ads Assassin 500 x 350


This product has been mapped out on a mind-map  and all the bonuses have been added to the site – there are 4 or 5 high-value bonuses related to email marketing.

I just need to create the core content and I am pencilling in a completion dater for this site of the end of February 2014.

Email ATM Website 500 x 350

Wake Up To Health

I am currently helping my sister, Saira, to build a health membership site which will include a number of health related products.

Her first product will be on weight-loss.  Again, I am handling the technical set-up for a fee but I have included a number of premium plugins to give her an incredible marketing platform including:

  • a premium WordPress theme
  • a premium membership plugin
  • a premium plugin for creating ‘courses’ out of her tutorials i.e. a questionnaire at the end of each module to ensure tat students understand the content and much more
  • a premium squeeze and sales page plugin which includes split-testing functionality
  • a podcast and video player plugin to handle audio and video files

In addition to the above, I am considering purchasing a developers license to offer the ability to integrate her site with Google Hangouts so she can offer live and automated webinars.  Also, whether to upgrade her video to the premium video player that I use on my sites that normally costs $297.

In total, this site offers her the ability to create multiple membership products and to market these effectively using blogging, social media, podcasts, video marketing and webinars.

My sister has been struggling with the technical aspects of this project for over 11 months and it has taken me less than 3 days so far to get her ready to get this project into over-drive in 2014.

She was quoted between $2,000 and $10,000 for this work, but I am only charging her a small fraction of that price for 3 days work.

I just wonder how may other coaches and consultants are in the same position – blocked by technology and the steep learning curve required to get their information and coaching out to their market.

One project that I am pencilling in is to create a site clone, with all the key plugins included, and offer this out for a modest set-up fee and monthly payment to keep it affordable.  This to include hosting and maintenance.

Here is how my sisters site looks currently and there is about one days work left to complete and it will then be ready for her to start adding content:

WUTH Website 500 x 350

Business Creation Mastery

Business Creation Mastery is my most important product that I want to get launched in January as well!  I have been planning this out over the Xmas period and I have been building towards this for a long time.

My vision has been to help other people to set-up and grow a business online.  I am going to narrow my niche down to coaches and consultants in a variety of niches who all have similar needs i.e. to get their training and content online and who are frustrated by the technology barrier and what it takes.

After almost 5 years online and prior to that, 8 years of consulting and 25 years of banking experience, I feel that I must have confidence in my ability to add value to the lives of other aspiring online or offline entrepreneurs.  I am now going to engage with them more closely, find out what they want, and then support them using a mixture of one-on-one help, group coaching and access to my automated products.

My mission will be to help them to deliver their own unique value into their own niche or marketplace in a variety of formats.

This site has been in the planning stages for some months now and it’s ready to be launched now – I have been listening to podcasts by Sean Mize during the last couple of weeks and that has convinced me to launch now.  After all, I have already done it offline and with 5 years experience online I know I have a tonne to offer.

BCM 500 x 350


That is the current state-of-play of my products currently under development.  I am going to try to create 1 hour of content each day – mainly audios but also written and video.  However, one of the key areas I need to concentrate on is driving traffic to my sales funnels to convert my products into more sales.

You can see from this product creation update that I am ready to hit the New Year running as my target this year is to make at least a 6-figure income and I will do whatever it takes to achieve that.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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