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I've just gone through a couple of training programmes - one on Facebook PPC advertising and the other on banner ad advertising.

I've today placed an advert on Facebook that will appear on the timelines of business owners in Stratford-upon-Avon offering my services as an online business consultant. This is highly targeted to just 3,600 people and it will be interesting to see what happens. The image above is one of the images I used - the others were a bit more sensible!

The banner ad training programme was an incredibly good programme that revealed the simplest possible way to track paid advertising - in this case banner ads. I have not tried paid banner ads yet but it looks interesting and i will definitely be giving this a go in the next few days.

I have developed a simple way to create high-converting squeeze pages that should convert at 50% or more and then lead to a paid offer to monetise the traffic. All I need is to plugin in some products with a high EPC. this is easy to do given that popular affiliate platforms like JVZoo and Warrior Plus reveal EPC or Visitor Value stats.

Assuming that you have a method for monitoring your conversion stats then you simply need to ensure that EPC is greater than CPC - this is the holy grail of marketing. Once you find a product that converts like this, it is simply a question of scaling your traffic - in this case from banner ads.

There are two types of banner ad traffic - banner ad networks and individual sites in your chosen niche that have high levels of traffic. I am going for traffic from the latter initially. The funnel I have to set up is - Banner ad > Optin Page > Affiliate Offer which is simple to do.

The optin form is built and hosted on Aweber based on a system that I bought called Squeeze Page Laboratory - this is an incredible training that deservedly received Warrior Forum Product of the Day.

Tracking is done via a simple excel spreadsheet with 4 or 5 columns and the stats are obtained from both Aweber re clicks and optins/leads and then the affiliate platform re clicks, conversions, sales revenue, and EPC.

Assuming that you are monitoring stats, you can increase EPC by:

  1. Finding better websites to buy banners from
  2. Creating better banners that get more clicks that call out to your target prospects
  3. Finding higher EPC offers
  4. Mailing your email list more often and promoting alternative offers

You can also work on decreasing CPC by:

  1. Finding good websites to purchase banner ad space from
  2. Create banners that get more clicks from your ideal prospects
  3. Test different banner placement locations and sizes

The reason for going the PPC route is that I am looking for an easier and more scalable business model than the product launch model.

In the meantime, I am looking for more consulting work to give more stability to my income whilst I work on this new strategy.  It also doesn't mean that I have given up on the product creation model at all - on the contrary I have several products planned - i just want to be smarter about what I am doing.

I also have a podcast programme planned but more about that in another post.

In the meantime, if you wish to get more info on banner ad advertising you can optin here and you will then be forwarded to a page with more information.




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