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Flat Icons-03-06In this article I want to discuss the importance of celebrating success, however small that success may be.

My son, James, just telephoned me – he was happy, I could hear it in his voice.

He’s recently started playing cricket again with a small village cricket team in Thurgaton in Nottinghamshire.  It really is ‘village green’ stuff but they do play in a league.

Most of his old cricket kit did not fit him so he’s had to invest in new pads and bat, so he really hasn’t played for a long time.

Coupled with that, when he played in the past he never bowled – he was always a batsman – this is important in understanding what comes next.

I think the village team is well supplied with batsmen but they must lack for bowlers because they asked James to bowl for them!  This is someone who has never bowled for a team in the past!  He was desperate to contribute to the team and so he took the ball.

In the last two matches (- this is the beginning of the season -) he has bowled a total of 12 overs only.  His bowling average is 0.8 runs per over and he has taken 4 wickets.  These numbers have put him top of the league in the bowling stats apparently.

In the last match, he opened the bowling and bowled out the teams best batsman second ball – someone who scored over 100 runs last year when they played his team.

I asked James what he was bowling – it turns out he’s bowling slowly but accurately.

What’s happening is the batsmen, who are eager to get runs on the board, are trying to hit him for six, missing the ball and getting themselves bowled out.  (If the ball is not coming down the wicket at speed, then the batsman has to generate all the power themselves when hitting the ball which is breaking their normal pattern of scoring off a quick opening bowler!)

Of course, it’s unlikely that James’ stats will last and it could just be beginners luck.  Also, James will probably try to defend his stats by trying harder which may mean that his bowling averages deteriorate.

That’s why it is so important to celebrate little successes as and when you encounter them.

Today he is up but tomorrow he may be down.  Life is like that.

Everything is temporary – today you may be poor, and tomorrow rich.  Today healthy, tomorrow at deaths door.  None of us know what life has in store.

The only time that we can really live is in the present moment – the past has gone, nothing we can do about it.  The future may partially be determined by what we do in the present moment but there are no guarantees about that.

So it’s important to celebrate our successes today – their memories will keep us moving forward and motivated in tougher times.

Psychology and mindset play an incredibly important part in success – one millionaire I met, who had bought his business for £1 and sold it for £49m, told me that 85% of success was due to having the correct mindset.

Which is why, my product, The Sky Inside, is an important one – because it addresses the issue of the role mindset plays in success.  There are a huge number of mindset resources in The Sky Inside and you can get free registration on this page as my gift to you.

There is so much wisdom and help in this product that I really should be charging at least £2,000 for it!  I genuinely think that it is the best gift that I could offer to any aspiring entrepreneur.

So I’ve given you a reason for celebrating success – I’ve just given you FREE access to what I consider to be my most valuable product 🙂



Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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