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It’s the weekend, so I did a bit of playing around with badges on Photoshop.  From a branding point of view it is always nice to have a few graphics in the locker.

I believe graphics play an important part in creating attractive and appealing marketing collateral.  Many coaches advocate that you should outsource your graphics to a graphic designer.

If you have little or no aesthetic taste, then this advice is sound but I do not like to put my branding and graphics into the hands of someone else who may have a very different interpretation of what your branding should be.

Plus, I would find it very frustrating to have to wait several days to get my graphics back from a designer.

That’s why I have gradually taught myself to handle my own graphics – like anything else it can easily be learned and there are plenty of free courses online – for example, you can get free courses at on Photoshop.

To take the hard work out of creating graphics you can buy templates from a graphic designer for just a few dollars and then configure them for your own brand.  It took me about 20 minutes to create the badges below.

Why not leave a comment below and let me know which one you prefer?  Who knows, I might get you playing around with badges on Photoshop if you like what you see?








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