I Have Just 10 Consulting Days Per Month Available To Help Local Offline Businesses To Succeed Online – When They Are Gone, They Are Gone !

I have decided to open up 10 days per month to consult with offline businesses – ideally with 5 or more businesses but it could also be just one. I am not interested in one-off engagements but regular work. What can you expect:

  • my prime objective is to ensure that your online marketing results in more leads and sales for your business

To achieve this:

  • we need to ensure that your website landing pages convert
  • that you you have a high-converting and measurable sales funnel/processes in place
  • that you have visitors to your site from either organic traffic or paid advertising

Initially my capacity will be offered to businesses within a radius of Stratford-upon-Avon, as I would prefer to work with local businesses. However, location is not really a problem as I work from my office in Stratford-upon-Avon and we can communicate through Skype or Google Hangouts. I have learnt from experience that sometimes visiting a business can give helpful additional insights but is not a mandatory requirement.

Please take a good look around my site to get a feel for my skills, but this is a brief summary:
  • internet marketing
    • WordPress websites
    • sales funnel construction
      • split-testing
      • link tracking
    • traffic generation – organic (SEO) & paid
    • email marketing
    • digital product creation
      • ebook
      • audio
      • video
    • membership sites and training courses
    • graphics and design
    • marketing plans & strategies
  • business skills
    • management information systems
    • bookkeeping
    • financial budgets and forecasts
    • business plans
    • business consulting
    • corporate banking

What is this going to cost?

Each of my days can be bought for £250. There are no contracts – you can stop at any time. All payments are monthly in advance (i.e. no credit) but for the first month you can pay in weekly payments in order to mitigate your risk and to enable you to assess my work. I cannot guarantee results but I do expect to make a radical difference to your online marketing initiatives. Ideally, you will also have an additional marketing budget for paid advertising but this is not essential.


If you are interested in buying in my help and advice as your Webmaster, then please contact me through the contact form at the bottom of this page or simply pick up the phone. Please strike while the iron is hot – there is no false scarcity in my offer – I have 10 days per month to offer – additional time cannot be manufactured! When you contact me, we will hold an initial free consultation to ensure that the match is right before either party has to commit to anything! Yes – Let’s Talk