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These are ebooks either written by Mark or books where he has publisher rights.


How to Make Money With Warrior Forum Special Offers

Written by Jason Fladlien - a 7-figure marketer. I have exclusive publisher rights to this book revealing how he generated thousands of dollars from the WSO business model.

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How to Setup a Warrior Special Offer (WSO)

This is a 7-step process with screenshots showing how to setup a Warrior Forum Special Offer using Warrior Plus and optionally integrating with Membersonic, a membership plugin.

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Interview Cash Machine

In this ebook Jason Fladlien covers the interviewing model for creating highly profitable digital products quickly and easily by leveraging the expertise of others. This is a great way for relative newcomers in a niche to get quickly into product creation.

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Sales Funnel Supremacy

This book was written by Mark to cover the important topic of sales funnels and the role they play in growing an online business. If you don't have sales funnels in your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

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FB Advocate

In this eBook Jason Fladlien covers how to get massive traffic to any fan page in almost any niche by dominating Facebook Groups. He also covers how you make money from this!

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Video Mystic

In this eBook Jason Fladlien shares some of his video marketing secrets. If you know where to go, you can get the highest quality, most professional looking videos made... for a few bucks and few minutes of your time.

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Plugin Hotshot

How To Create Simple Wordpress Plugins On A Shoe String Budget That Can Fetch Easy 5 Figure Paydays...

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The Way of the Warriors

When I Paid $1,997 To An Internet Marketing Guru For Coaching ... THIS Is Lesson 101!

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Free Software You Can't Live Without

I've compiled a free eBook listing over 400 sites with free software that you can use today to build your business.

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They Do All The Work, You Make All The Money

This is an easy strategy for making money from other people's products. Written by Jason Fladlien, you will not be disappointed!

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