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Before I bought Marc Milburn’s coaching course, I booked to attend Marketing With Alex – Live which is being held at Heathrow, London on the 18th and 19th May 2013.  Hopefully, this will be my ‘Golden Ticket’!

I am writing this blog post just before I leave for the event.

Here’s what Alex has promised to cover over the weekend:

  • how to double, triple or even quadruple your business.
  • how to launch your first information product and make between $2,000 and $55,000 in your very first week (no experience needed)
  • how to get an endless stream of traffic so you never stop making money on the internet
  • how to make $8,000 in 90 minutes on the internet, without a website or a product
  • how to add 1,213 people into your membership in the first few days without any of the content created
  • how to make $9,587 per month working just 3 hours per week
  • how to launch your own software product (without even knowing a line of code) and still bank $3,431 in the first 7 days
  • how to create simple sales funnels (and bank as much as $75,321 per month) on complete auto-pilot
  • how to make $67,241 in the first month you launch a back-end coaching programme.  even with no experience and while just working one afternoon a week.

In addition to this seminar content, Alex has invited some of his big affiliates – I am hoping to meet as many as possible in view of the products that I want to launch shortly.

Also, Dean Holland, another of my mentors, is attending so it will be great to meet him face to face for the first time.

The Oompaloompas Want My Ticket

Even The Oompaloompas Want My Ticket

I am really looking forward to this event because it will be great to get out from behind my computer and meet some of the major players in internet marketing.

Internet marketing is all about relationships and this is a golden opportunity to network with some like-minded people and who knows what will come of it in the future.  In any event, whatever happens, I’m going to enjoy the experience.

I think I have probably been over-complicating my internet marketing – this was discussed on a coaching call with Dean Holland last night.

Michael Young, another internet marketer, was mentioned.  I have followed Michael for a while now – most of his products are pretty sketchy and short but he has a very engaging and likeable manner.  His strategy has changed from creating and launching his own products to re-launching other peoples products at a discount to their normal price. in 90 days he has generated $340k in sales with having to work very hard.

It’s all about working smart rather than working hard and Michael seems to have cracked the formula.

However, I listened to a webinar by Peter Garety yesterday, and it is quite evident that he is running his business using some sophisticated management information.  He has a product called WP Campaign Manager that allows you to track and segment your customers buying behaviour which enables him to be very targeted with his email marketing.

So there’s the dichotomy, one marketer is saying that it is easy and you can do it with other peoples products , working just a few hours a day, and another marketer is working hard to manage his business using sophisticated management information systems.

Next week I am ringing John Robbins, a fellow student of Dean Holland’s to discuss Michael Young’s strategy in more detail.  It will also be a chance to get to know John who is an expert in video marketing.

I am also interested in developing a relationship with Sergio Felix, a fellow student of Marc Milburn’s.  I think Sergio will go far because he is not afraid to put himself out there on video and he seems to be well connected.

I am inclined to think that working hard is the only way but it is always beguiling to dream that there is an easier way.  It will be interesting to see whether my opinion changes over the course of this weekend with Alex Jeffreys.

So wish me luck with my first internet marketing seminar and I’ll report back on how I got on next week and tell you if it really was one of life’s golden tickets.





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