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After a weeks ‘holiday’ looking after my grandchildren, I am finally moving forward with my sales funnel. After 3 weeks of frustration, Bryan Zimmerman (joint owner of JVZoo) finally replied personally to my support query!  I had to change a number of things in my funnel when I understood how it all works.

I decided to make a video about how I set my sales funnel up on JVZoo and the problems I encountered:

I have also improved my affiliate page and you can view it here – Manie Amari’s feedback was very helpful in adding the finishing touches – a fresh pair of eyes is always helpful.

Now I have to move onto recruiting affiliates as I have already released this on JVZoo. If you would like to promote it, simply follow the steps on my Affiliate page and let’s make some money together.

In the meantime, I am going to throw some traffic at the page in order to get some conversion stats which will help when I approach affiliates. I got 5 sales from the initial mailing I made to my list before the funnel was fully set up.

I may also try a limited time launch on the Warrior Forum just to get some traffic and sales moving.  My front-end product, entitled The Way of the Warriors, is perfectly positioned for enticing the Warriors on the Forum.

Membership Millionaires Bootcamp

This is the product I started (whilst I was waiting for JVZoo to reply to my support queries) on how I make membership sites quickly using Membersonic and a number of other useful plugins.  This is coming along nicely and I am just working on the sales letter at the moment.  This is how it currently looks – do you like the ‘Ferrari’ red colour?

Membership Millionaires Bootcamp

I have realised that I can make a nice little funnel by packaging this product with Product Creation Renegade – I just need to decide on my front-end (FE) product so the progression will go:

  • $7 FE to
  • $27 for Product Creation Renegade and then
  • $97 for Membership Millionaires Bootcamp which includes $233 of software at retail prices and my training.

The logo ‘All For one And One For All’ is taken from ‘The Three Muskateers’ but it does encapsulate what membership sites are all about.

Business Storyboards

One of the products that I have had in the planning stages for sometime is Business Storyboards – I want to graphically represent some of the business strategies I have learnt over the last 4 years and indeed from my consulting days.

My ideas for this product have gelled over the last few days, and I think this will be my next product.  We will see.

One of my problems is that I need to ‘pull the trigger’ by marketing my existing products rather than producing yet more products.  But it is fair to say that I just love the product creation process. I would love to get into designing software soon i.e. WordPress plugins or themes.

Optimize Press 2.0 Launched this week

Optimize press 2.0 launched this week but the price is higher than I had hoped for – even with my discount as an existing user of Optimize Press 1.0, the price is double what I paid for the original version.

However, I am mighty tempted to buy OP2 because, if I was starting in internet marketing again, these are the 3 themes I would look at:

  • Low Price – the Membersonic Theme – this theme is a steal at $20 because it is highly flexible, is responsive, has 4 navigation menus (which makes it great for membership sites) and you get developers rights. I also love the look of this theme – not unlike Optimize Press (- I have used the Membersonic Theme on both The Way of the Warriors and Membership Millionaires Bootcamp.)
  • Medium Price – Instabuilder – for $77 this plugin is packed with features.  Whilst the training videos suck a bit, this is a great mid-priced option for unlimited personal use.
  • Premium Price – Optimize Press 2.0 – at $297 this theme/plugin is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of themes in my opinion.  Whilst, I don’t yet own this theme, from the promotional videos and my knowledge of OP1, this looks to be an incredibly good theme with a membership script built in to the package, a button creator, responsive and cutting edge design and a host of other great features.

Email Sequences

I am also setting my mind to creating a new sequence of follow up emails that I can plugin to all my lists.

I think I will devote the first few emails to be product specific but I will then create additional email sequences that can be plugged in to every list i.e. the automated cash machine that everyone talks about.  I have a small, rather neglected list of subscribers which is growing inexorably.  I really need to start treating them as I would wish to be treated myself.

Having started consuming Marc Milburn’s Email Cash Siphon product, I really have no excuses for not upping my email marketing game.

Personal Problems

As you know from my last post, last week I took a weeks holiday to look after my grandchildren to help my daughter who was starting a new job in London.  We live about 85 miles from her.  She has arranged for a nanny for her children for 2 days a week and my wife is travelling to their house to look after the children for 3 days a week.  This is a huge commitment on my wife’s part and it now turns out that as the new nanny has pre-booked a weeks holiday later this month, my daughter needs help for another week.

This is simply too much for my wife to cope with on her own.  Obviously, as I work at home, there is a perception that I am always available to help out.  It is impossible to work with 2 young children under the age of 5 in the house and I cannot really afford to take yet another week off!  Difficult conversation with my daughter coming up this weekend!

My primary concern is that I don’t want my grandchildren palmed off  on strangers or my wife to be over-whelmed with the responsibility but at the same time I need to work on my business.  Also, we want to support our much-loved daughter as much as we can. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Daniel Eating CurryHere is my one year-old grandson, Daniel, enjoying my wife’s chicken curry – this picture alone was worth the week I spent with them and reminds me of when my son used to lick the plate clean!

My Plan is Coming Together

Thanks to my coach, my business plan is inexorably coming together and I feel confident that ultimate success is close now.  It is great to have the support and assistance of my fellow coaching students, who all seem incredibly talented in one way or another.  I am hoping that we will all  start to see some incredible results shortly.


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