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Mike Main, Chris Cole & Mark Salmon

In the pre-launch phase of Hangout Cash Code, we have also been interviewed by Mike Thomas, also known as Mike From Maine.

Mike runs a very popular video interview business via Skype and we were flattered to be asked for an interview.  As I said to him, ‘I almost feel that I know you’ even though we had never spoken or met.  He said ‘that is the power of what I do’ and I suppose that is the real power of Google Hangouts too.

This format of interviewing other people or presenting face-to-face is extremely powerful because of the ability to create relationships with people.  As we have repeatedly said in our interviews and also inside the product – it’s the ability to quickly establish the ‘know like and trust’ factor that makes this format a winner.

When you combine that power with the ability to quickly and easily rank your videos so that you get viewers, it immediately becomes the primary way to create content that converts in our opinion.  That’s why you should pick up a copy of The Hangout Cash Code here.

In fact, after listening to Chris and I, Mike Thomas is swapping over to Google Hangouts himself – so that is the ultimate endorsement because he already has a very successful business format and can see the benefit of moving over to Hangouts.

Here is the Hangout Cash Code interview with Mike Thomas aka Mike From Maine:



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