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My new product ‘Membership Millionaires Bootcamp‘ is shaping up well.  It is almost finished bar some tidying up of the navigation.

Here is the video on the sales page that sets out the offer:

Additionally, I need to sort out the following:

  • sales funnel construction – I still need a nice $7 front-end product but I have something in mind
  • I need to get some testimonials – hopefully my fellow students in my coaching group can help out with this if I give them a review copy
  • I need to consider making a coaching offer on the back-end to help students with any membership site or product creation issues.
  • I am also considering deploying WPCourseware on this product to test out this plugin and create additional value for the students.

I’m really happy with the overall offer although, if an affiliate sells the product, I only get $20 from the $97 sale price plus any back-end sales that I can make.  In due course, I may increase the price-point if the product is well-received in the marketplace.

I’m going to send a review copy to the maker of the membership plugin after I have tidied up the above matters, on the basis that he might promote or endorse it as well.

Marketing Is The Big Elephant In The Room

I have now created a nice suite of products and I definitely need to concentrate on the marketing aspect i.e. driving traffic to my sales pages, primarily through affiliates.

The other aspect is building a list and getting my email marketing sorted out – there is no consistency or strategy in my approach to this.  I think I know what I need to do, but I just need to execute.

I think I need to allocate time each day or at least each week to each of these aspects.  So far, too much time has been allocated to product creation and not enough to marketing and selling.

Marc Milburn is creating a product called Profit Flare on the premise that you are saying to yourself  ‘I’ve got a product, now what?’  That’s kind of where I’m at right now.  I know what I need to do but I would like to follow along with Marc’s product if he get’s around to completing it!

I also need to set up a decent management information system for my business to track the key numbers in my business (and this will be documented in my Measure ‘n’ Manage’ product that I have planned for the future.  The domain is set up and ready to go.)

Resisting Purchases

I’m really proud of the fact that the amount of product purchases I have made over the last few months have dried up to a mere trickle.  I’ve realised at long last that salvation does NOT lie in buying more training but in taking action on the information already in my possession.  The credit card bill is definitely lower than before – I hope I’m not angering the credit card gods by saying this!

I think I now have most of the tools I need (apart from a good click tracker.)  I have a little plugin called Link Tracker that will have to do for the time being.

My To-Do List

I have tried a number of ways of organising my to do list in the past:

  • using a piece of paper but this often gets buried on my desk
  • using an online to-do list but I forget to login

I’m currently using a small bound notebook (about A5 size) and I am finding that this works better for me as it doesn’t get lost on my desk and it is easier to move unfinished items forward.  This is a small but important improvement in my business where so much depends on focus and productivity.

I also, own a product called Action Enforcer – I don’t use this as much as I should do.  It basically forces you to parcel up your work into time slots and then work to deadlines.  It also helps you to take time-outs on a regular basis which is important in a sedentary job like internet marketing.  It also helps you to work according to the Pomodoro Principle i.e. work according to your bodies natural rhythms.

A Productivity Tip

Here’s a good productivity tip.  If you are promoting products via your email marketing, turn the emails into a product review on your blog i.e. recycle the content – it’s possible that you will also earn a commission from traffic coming to your blog.  I will probably create my product reviews as posts, so I have created a new category called ‘Product Reviews’ to cover these types of posts.

The other tip I have is ‘don’t have a family’!  My daughter started a new job earlier this month without having the necessary care sorted out for our grandchildren.  The burden has fallen squarely on my wife during August with no likelihood of relief until September, when my granddaughter starts school for 5 mornings a week.  Then in February, the nanny moves from 2 days a week to 3 days a week, meaning my wife can reduce her support to just 2 days a week.

This week my wife has been away for the whole week because the new nanny had booked a weeks holiday. When she is away, I realise just how much my wife supports and cares for me and life is not as sweet when she is away.  I hope that she feels the same way!

In the meantime, I will take my consolation from finishing Membership Millionaires Bootcamp and improving my marketing activities.

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