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I started my coaching just over one month ago with Marc Milburn and set up this blog on the 1st May.  I thought that I would just recap my progress to date in the first month.

We have now had 6 trainings within the bonus product called Digital Millionaires Bootcamp.  This training was a basic overview of the kind of business we are going to create with Marc.

At the core of the business model is this website and the creation of a list.  Surrounding the core of the business will be a series of info products on separate web domains.

Prior to Marc’s coaching starting, I almost had 3 of my core products already created.  I have now ‘released’ these 3 products on JVZoo.   I now need to drive traffic to each of the sales pages.  The sales pages are here:

In addition to releasing these 3 products into the market, I have created this website to chronicle my journey with Marc.

I have been able to assist my fellow students by securing a discounted deal for Membersonic ($27 rather than the market price of $167) – this is a membership plugin that I use to protect my products and now 13 of my fellow students also have access to this plugin.  When they discover how good this plugin is, hopefully I will win some friends as a result of this deal!

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So the thrust of my business activity over the next month will now be as follows:

  • to continue creating products – I have at least 4 more planned – the next is Business Storyboards on business strategy and planning which I want to have finished by 19th June so I can revamp List Building Renegade for re-release at the beginning of July
  • to email my list 3 or 4 days a week with one promotion each week (including my own products)
  • to recruit affiliates for my products using the system Marc has given to us
  • to set up a recurring income membership site using (- I need to narrow my niche focus perhaps just targeting ‘beginners’).  This will be the upsell on all products and I am starting the monthly fee at $9.95 per month.
  • to start building sales funnels for each product that I have released
  • a weekly blog post and email my list as I publish it.
  • consider trying some solo ads  to start building my list
  • become more organised about finding products to promote by creating a JV email address and forwarding all promotional emails to a gmail account for review
  • set up Bonus Press on a directory of my site to offer bonus packages on big promotions.
  • make sure that I have joined all the affiliate networks recommended by Marc


I definitely need to create a good working routine.  This includes using Alex Jeffreys time management system – particularly setting goals in advance of each month, week, day and reviewing progress through a ‘did’ sheet i.e. what I have accomplished each day.

I definitely need to concentrate on simplifying my business model as far as possible and increasing productivity.  I attended Alex Jeffreys live event in London during May and this has helped to galvanise me as well.  The realisation that I was over-complicating my business suddenly removed the blockages in mind about what it takes to make money online.

I also bought and read ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ by Michael Masterson.  I now know that I must spend the majority of my time in ‘selling’ activities – Marc is giving us the optimal model for selling our products – but I now need to focus on doing it which will be difficult for me as I have never liked this aspect of business.

Marc has also made it crystal clear that most of his activities have a promotional aspect to them, with the main free content being in the form of his blog posts.  He says that the trouble with offering too much free stuff is that your prospects are conditioned to expect everything for free!

Also, I may try a launch of one of my products on the Warrior Forum just to start getting some traffic and affiliates to my sales letters to track conversions.

One idea that is circulating in my mind is to set up a graphics membership site providing graphics and tutorials on how to customise the graphics.  I love creating graphics and I think there could be a market for showing marketers how to create simple web graphics.  Whilst we are told to outsource this task, I definitely like to create my own graphics – it’s more convenient and it’s part of the creative process of creating a product.

The other big breakthrough this month has been my understanding of how to use Google Hangouts on Air.  I have purchased a useful plugin called Hangout plugin to help me to set up live webinars on Google Hangouts.  I would definitely like to test this out during June.

Also during June, I need to book another consultation with Marc to review progress and to get Marc’s guidance.  One consultation per month and the opportunity to ask questions at each weekly webinar should enable me to keep moving forward.

On a point of detail, I am acquiring the new Membersonic membership theme in the next few days to use for my non-core products.  Optimize Press will be used for my core products so that my branding is nice and crisp.

That concludes my month one update of Marc Milburn’s coaching.  Altogether, some good progress has been made and it’s all shaping up well.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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