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Yesterday I was interviewed by James Knight & Kristie Chiles about The Hangout Cash Code.  You can see the interview below and as you will see they are gracious interviewers.

I was thrilled to meet them as I have bought some of their video products in the past and their training will no doubt have influenced some of the content in The Hangout Cash Code!

They told me that they currently have around 15,000 keen followers in their Facebook Group including myself.

Unfortunately, Chris Cole, my partner, was unable to make the call for personal reasons but this is why having a partner is so useful – they can pick up the slack if needed!

Here is the interview – you will see that James & Kristie major on the affiliate product which we sold through Google Hangouts but the uses of this technology really go much further than that.  Chris and I have identified numerous ways to monetise Google Hangouts.

The Hangout Cash Code launches tomorrow (1st August 2014) at 11 a.m. EST or 4 p.m. GMT. But before that we have another interview to do with Mike Thomas aka Mike From Maine.

It was great to meet James Knight and Kristie Chiles about The Hangout Cash Code on their James & Kristie Show and they were so generous with their offers of help that I really feel that we have made some good friends here.


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