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This new website has been created to share my internet marketing strategies and my journey to creating a sustainable online business. In fact starting this site is part of that strategy.

I already have a well-established blog called The Business Renegade that I started 4 years ago in 2009.  Initially that blog was about ‘how to grow a business’ and covered a lot of my consulting strategies and my interest in finance and bookkeeping.  Gradually the site morphed into being almost exclusively about my interest in internet marketing and how to start an online business.

I also set myself up as an internet marketing consultant to help offline businesses do local internet marketing and created a number of websites for offline clients but did not find that terribly fulfilling even though local SEO is relatively easy.  So I decided to change my strategy to concentrate on information marketing.

I realise that chopping and changing is destructive but at the end of the day I am on a quest to find work that is fulfilling to me and generates the most value for other people.  I am passionate about starting and growing small businesses and I want to be able to show others how to do it.  After all, I now have 37 years experience in business and that should count for something!

Starting a new blog in the same niche is a big step for me, so how will this one be different?

Firstly, it is branded to me personally in recognition that people do business with people rather than businesses.

Whilst I couldn’t get my first choice of domain i.e., I did secure my second choice domain!  (My first choice is not currently in use as it diverts to another website so I wonder if it will be offered for sale?)

Second, this new site will document my progress with my new coach, Marc Milburn, who has recommended that all students start again anew and follow his coaching exactly.  This time I will keep things very simple and follow a clear-cut strategy.

Marc is aiming to make $1.2m online this year and has promised to show all his coaching students exactly what he does to be successful.

My plan this year was to release 7 high-quality products about building an online business.

Four out of the 7 products are more or less ready and I am releasing the first one as a WSO any day now.  It is all about how to acquire the right mindset and is called The Sky Inside.  It includes information on Vision, Mindset and Time Management and I have included two interviews with other high-profile internet marketers as a bonus.

Whether or not these products are successful, they have been a valuable exercise in flexing my product creation muscles.

The other products include:

  • Business Storyboards – about business strategy and structure i.e. various internet marketing plans and strategies.
  • WP Website Wizard – over 100 short video tutorials about WordPress systems and processes
  • Product Creation Renegade – about how to create digital products
  • List Building Renegade 2.0 – I released this as a WSO last November but I am going to update it and release it.  This is all about list building, sales funnels, email marketing, and traffic strategies.  (A huge topic that I will probably breakdown into smaller products in future.)
  • Measure ‘n’ Manage – this product is all about the key performance indicators and numbers that you need to monitor and test in your online business.  Also, how to get those numbers and what to do with them.
  • Outsourcing Renegade – this is about team building and outsourcing or delegating tasks within your business to enable you to scale up your business.

I have no doubt that these products will only be enhanced and improved as a result of Marc Milburn’s training.

Do you want to discover my internet marketing strategies for starting an online business?

I will be sharing my internet marketing strategy in my blog posts so, if you want me to keep you informed as I post new information on my blog, then sign up to my list below and I will send you an email when I post new information.

One of the mistakes on my last blog was to be too promotional with affiliate links and, on advice from Marc Milburn, I will just be sharing good information and keep the promotional stuff well in the background.  Whilst I’ve made some money from affiliate marketing, I honestly don’t think it is a great business model for your primary business because it does not position you correctly with your customer.

I’ve learnt this lesson.  Your relationship with your list is critically important and if you can gather a small band of happy followers then you are set for life. This is my goal – to over-deliver to a relatively small number of people who have the same interests that I do – creating a sustainable online business using an internet marketing plan that has integrity and authenticity.

I’m in this for the long-haul because I love it and I love working from home.  I also like the creative process – websites, graphics, products, software, strategies – a wonderful intellectual challenge that keeps me rooted to my desk.

So join my list and let’s get to work together on designing our internet strategies for a sustainable online business – feel free to connect with me on Facebook and make yourself known to me if you want make this journey together.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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