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I think I’m an information addict – are you?

This week I filled out a questionnaire about my business – one of the questions was something like ‘what internet marketing products have you bought?’

My first reaction was that there are so many, where to I start with a question like that?  Here’s a quick peak at my hard disc:

As you can see, I have either purchased or acquired a huge number of internet marketing products over a period of just under 5 years.  Have a pretty good understanding of all aspects of the internet marketing niche.

The problem is that when I view the full extent of these purchases I realise that I am an addict for information about online business and internet marketing and there are plenty of other people who have similar stories to tell.  This is what makes it a great niche to be in if you are an information marketer – buyers do not just buy one product, but multiple products, such is the breadth and extent of the skills and topics you need to master.

If I was starting out again, I would recommend that a beginner finds a good mentor.  Selection of a mentor should be carried out very carefully because I have also made one or two bad choices in that regard too!

Expensive as a coach or mentor may seem, it will not be as expensive in terms of abortive products or wasted time as trying to go it alone, I can assure you of that having made this mistake myself.

Whilst internet marketing can seem very complicated, at the heart of the internet marketing model it is very simple.

Alexa Rank 9182 3.5.11You need to be able to drive targeted to an offer.  Now I started out trying to master SEO and had some success with my blog at http;// by getting it into the top 1% of websites in the world for traffic according to  But I was not really converting that traffic to sales.

So you also need to master the art of converting traffic to sales through list building and copy-writing and making offers that are irresistible.  You also need to master the art of email marketing because following up with the people on your list is a vital part of creating a relationship of trust with your prospects and customers.

As part of this process, you also need to start making your own products so that you have something to offer or create a service based on any skills that you have.  This is not difficult to do when you understand a simple process for doing so – I set all this out in my products such as Product Creation Renegade and Membership Millionaires Bootcamp.

Here is an image of some of my products or forthcoming products:


This Sunday I am having a consultation with Chris Payne, who is a highly successful product creator and consultant.  He sold $3m dollars of one of his products and at one stage was sending out over 1m direct mail letters a year for his various products in the personal development niche.

Chris calculated that he has spent over $320,000 on his own education, so perhaps he’s an even bigger information junkie than I am!
Chris has a number of interesting ideas on product creation and after this Sunday, I will know more.  

For example, he creates his products based on the DEPOT framework:

  • find a Desperate problem
  •  give them Exactly what they are looking for
  • provide Proof galore
  • make an Offer that is irresistible
  • Time is short i.e. introduce some scarcity into the offer

I also like his ideas about generating products quickly – he produces a minimum viable product and then only if that is successful in the marketplace does he build out the product idea.

Anyway, I am hoping that we can produce a new product in collaboration together – hopefully, I will know more about this after Sunday. The meeting of two information addicts should be an interesting experience.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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