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As you will be aware from my last two blog posts, I am waiting on JVZoo to reply to a support ticket – in my frustration, I decided to press on to create a new product called Membership Millionaires Bootcamp because I cannot afford to sit around waiting for their reply – now 10 days old!

What is Membership Millionaires Bootcamp?

Membership Millionaires Bootcamp

I have a number of membership products up and running at the present time and I am now pretty handy at creating membership sites fast.  In fact, I have developed a system for creating these sites cheaply and fast.

I use a membership software called Membersonic which is now retailing for $167.  To enable me to package this software with my course, I have negotiated a special rate of just $27 (no affiliate commission) to bundle this software with my course.  I also use a WordPress theme that looks similar to Optimize Press but which costs just $20 (- I have negotiated a 100% affiliate commission on this).

My Membership Millionaires Bootcamp course will cost $97 including these two pieces of software which can be used to develop unlimited sites as long as the domains are owned by the user i.e. no developers rights.

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]In this product I will show how I:

  • install WordPress manually to create a secure database
  • which specific plugins and software I use
  • how to protect your content with Membersonic within 5 minutes flat (- massive productivity saver versus other membership plugins!)
  • how to create the favicon, header and any other graghics required
  • how to clone and backup your membership site ( for insurance purposes and fast deployment of new sites)
  • how to deliver content from Amazon S3 and the cloud
  • how easy it is to integrate with both your auto-responder and affiliate programmes (such as JVZoo!)
  • how to create the sales letter
  • how to drip content if you want to
  • how to install a Help Desk

To reward action takers, anyone who completes a membership site using Membersonic purchased through me will get one installation of WPCourseware (value $47) [/features_box_light_blue]

This means that purchasers of my training are getting software with a retail value of $233 at just $47 (plus my training) and the membership software and theme can be used to create unlimited personal sites to bring the per site cost down with every site they build.  Another way of looking at it is that buyers get the software for just $97 v $233 and my training for free.

I purchased the developers rights to WP Courseware

I own the developers rights to WPCourseware – this is a plugin that allows you to create courses within your membership site.  The benefit of this is:

  • you can make sure that at the end of a lesson or module that your students have grasped the key points required to be successful by making them complete some questions before moving on and
  • it also gives you a measure of how many people are actually fully or partially consuming your content and who they are.
  • it will also differentiate my membership site from almost every other one out there as I will be able to engage more easily with my members by encouraging them to complete the course and, if they are having problems, to help them in the knowledge that I will know how much of my content they have consumed – effectively I am their accountability partner.

Only by consuming and understanding and taking action on my content will they get value from my product and I think this tool will help me to deliver enhanced value in this regard.

(There is huge offline potential in WPCourseware to create training programmes like induction and health and safety courses where you want the person taking the course to complete some questions to ensure that they understand the information in each lesson or module and to certify that they have completed the required pass rate at the end of the course.  The offline market is not currently my target market but, if I ever get stuck for income, I think there is a huge market for this if you can do it cost-effectively – which I now can!)

Also, when someone has completed your course, you can point them to the next logical step. The key word is ‘engagement’!!!

The Google Hangouts on Air Business Model

I have been watching my mate, Manie Amari, crushing it with Google Hangouts on Air – he is interviewing some of the movers and shakers in internet marketing and it struck me what a great business model this is – particularly for newbies to internet marketing who have little experience, connections or their own products.

In fact, it inspired me to write a short 20 page eBook outlining how awesome this business model is and why everyone should consider adding this to their business whether they are new to IM or not – the book is entitled ‘Quite Possibly the Best Internet Marketing Business Model for Newbies’.  Within the eBook I also point users to a page on my blog to learn how to use Google Hangouts on Air for free.


If you would like a copy of this eBook, then just subscribe to get your free copy – the information in the book is simple, awesome and transformational:

Engage Rocket is Launched

Engage Rocket was launched this week – this is the first plugin to use Facebook Open Graph to share  on Facebook when someone on your blog:

  • joins a Product Launch
  • claims a Giveaway
  • claims a Free Gift
  • attends a Webinar
  • attends a Hangout

This product basically creates a viral Popover on any page on your website! (At the moment I am having some technical problems with it as I think it is conflicting with my theme!)  

Ongoing Training

I am still working steadily through a free course on Photoshop at – I want to increase my skills to ninja level .

I am only doing this outside working hours because I realise that this is not a priority in my business because Marc Milburn advises that we should be outsourcing tasks like graphics creation. At the moment, I am reluctant to do this because I enjoy graphics creation too much!  To me it is the best part of creating a product.  Oops – that is not the attitude Mark!

Personal Stuff

July 2013 053I am taking a week off next week to help to look after my grandchildren whilst my daughter starts a new highly-paid job in London.  As the temperatures are forecast to continue over 30 degrees centigrade next week in the UK (virtually unprecedented for our country), it will be an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine and my grandchildren.  I am really looking forward to the break – my first real break since last September.  I hope to take them to see some animals and also to pick fruit and things like that, just to keep them occupied.  I also have an old paddling pool that I will dig out from my garage!

I’ve always found that after a holiday I come back with new ideas and perspectives on my work so the next post should be a good one!!  In the meantime, I will be working hard to complete Membership Millionaires Bootcamp and my sales funnel on JVZoo (that is, if they ever get around to replying to by request for support!!!)


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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