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In the video below, I briefly demonstrate how to set up content curation using free tools.

There is plenty of curation software around but it really isn't necessary, as I demonstrate in this video...​

I should mention that initially I had difficulty integrating 'Press This' with my WordPress installation.  When I hit the 'Press This' button in my Chrome browser it was throwing up a 403 error page.  This was rectified by going to my hosting support and asking them to rewrite the Mod Security file to allow access to Press This.

The exact process for setting up content curation is as follows:​


Create a new Gmail account

Use this account to login to Feedly


Set up account on

Sign in with you Gmail account


Add Feeds to Feedly

Click the 'Add Content' link, type in the URL of the website and then click the green '+Feedly' button.  Then add the site to a category or create a new category to keep your feeds organised - match the categories to the categories on your website if possible.

Also search Feedly for any relevant websites - you can search Feedly categories and then click on the keyword under 'tracking tools' for a list of articles.​


Search Alltop For Websites To Add To Feedly is a great website for researching websites - simply note URL's of websites that you want to add to Feedly.


Set up Google Alerts for your keywords

Google Alerts is another source for your curated content - set up alerts for your keywords.  This is optional but it enables you to be notified of relevant content as it is published.


Subscribe to YouTube channels and podcasts

Subscribe to YouTube channels and podcasts in your niche as another source of curated content.


Set Up 'Press This' To Add Curated Content To Your WordPress Blog

Follow the instructions in my video to set up Press This to easily add curated content to your blog.

Content Curation Workflow

  • Go to Feedly
  • Open articles in a new Chrome tab that look interesting
  • Go through each article and use Press This to pull content into your blog
  • Go to YouTube and do the same
  • Save post as a 'Draft'
  • Add image, content boxes (with link to your squeeze page) and add your comments to the post
  • Publish post when you have finished editing it

You now have all the steps on how to set up  content curation with free tools which will enable you to add great curated content to your WordPress blog and help you to become the content authority in your niche.


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