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You may be asking yourself what is a good squeeze page conversion rate?

The truth is that this is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’ because there are a number of critical factors that will influence the conversion rate of any particular squeeze page:

Quality of the traffic

The ‘quality’ of the visitors coming to your squeeze page is definitely an important factor.  Have they been properly profiled and targeted as prospects for what you have to offer?

Are they coming to your squeeze page on the recommendation of someone they trust, like a JV or solo ad?

Have they been pre-qualified somewhere else by reading your book or an article you wrote or watching a video or listening to your podcast?

If they are simply random visitors to your site versus highly targeted traffic, then you can expect entirely different conversion rates.

Quality of the offer

One of the top internet marketers says that the quality of the offer is much more important than copywriting.

If your offer is irresistible then it doesn’t really matter if you are a poor copywriter and your script has several typos.

Visitors will always optin to get your offer if it is attractive enough so concentrate on solving a problem that everyone has in your niche and you will be golden.

Quality of the copywriting & page design

Once you have selected your offer, presenting it in the most effective way is also important to your conversion rate.

Your squeeze page headline will be critical to conversion rates.  Does it invoke curiosity?  Does it create a ‘pattern interrupt’ in the mind of the visitor such that they have to satisfy their curiosity?

Does it address a pain or fear that they are experiencing or offer an irresistible benefit that they are searching for?

Is the design of the page appealing, easy to read and have an image of what you are offer such as a book cover or product mock-up?

Clarity and simplicity are usually the key to success – your visitor needs to immediately understand what you are offering and it has to be highly relevant to the reason that bought them to your squeeze page in the first place.

There really needs to be no distractions on the page that will encourage the visitor to click away from your offer.

Quality of your testing

Once you start getting results from your squeeze page you have a ‘control’ result that you can then use as a benchmark for split-testing alternative squeeze pages to see if you can improve on your conversion results.

In reality, many marketers split-test right from the start and keep trying to improve on their best results.  There are plenty of plugins and tools that can help you with this process

Quality of your lead capture process

The quality of the lead capture process is also important.

For example, conversions usually reduce the more information you ask your visitor to input which is why many marketers normally just ask for an email address.

On the other hand the quality of the optin may increase if your visitor is willing to offer more information to demonstrate their commitment to what you have to offer i.e. aim for quality versus quantity.

Exit pop-ups may also improve your conversion rate by making an alternative offer to your visitor before they leave.

Retargeting visitors to your page by using a retargeting pixel to enable you to bring your visitors back to your offer at a later date may also improve your ultimate conversions from traffic.

Other marketers use a two-step optin process to improve conversions.

All these processes need to be tested to find the optimal formula for maximum conversions.  Sometimes simply split-testing two radically different offers is the best way to start.


As you can see, there are a number of factors that determine what a good conversion rate is for any particular situation.

I suppose the best answer is that any conversion rate is good if you are able to make more money than you are spending on traffic generation because this will enable you to stay in business long enough to improve your conversion rates through testing.

Some marketers can get 70 or 80% conversion rates because they are driving quality targeted traffic to a good offer whilst others will get only 10 or 20%.

Determining ‘what is a good squeeze page conversion rate’ for your particular offer will be mainly determined by the factors discussed above, namely:

  • Quality of the traffic to the page
  • Quality of the offer on your page
  • Quality of the copywriting and page design
  • Quality of your testing processes
  • Quality of your lead capture process



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