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You are probably already aware that emails in the cloud are a great way of reducing the long-term cost of your email marketing.

The popular email auto-responders like Aweber and Get Response have conditioned us into believing that we need to pay more the bigger our list gets and the more emails that we send out.

Amazon AWS offers emails in the cloud but as far as I can see you need to be a technical wiz to get this up and running.

I was therefore interested to find comprehensive video training on a cloud service called MailJet .  The creator of the training has looked at the alternatives available in the marketplace and settled on this service as being a great option.

I have therefore purchased access to the training videos and I am re-selling access to the training only for just $17.  (That’s a huge $30 discount on the recommended retail price.)

If you are wondering how much you can save versus your existing email provider then this pricing page will give you a good reason for buying access to this training.

I have placed the training on the new membership site that I am building called as a bonus but for the time being you can purchase separate access to this bonus just for reading this article!

I will still use Aweber for the time being in addition to setting up emails in the cloud until I have tested this service more extensively.



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